New smartwatches from Endefo are here!

Enfit NEO and Enfit NEO PRO smartwatches have hit the Indian market
New smartwatches from Endefo are here!
New smartwatches from Endefo are here!

Dubai-based Endefo, an electronics and lifestyle brand, announces two products, Enfit NEO and Enfit NEO PRO smartwatches for the Indian market. 

Leading the line-up, Endefo introduces Enfit NEO Smart Watch which takes this digital device to a whole new level with its impressive features. Sporting a 1.9" screen, it offers a spacious display for seamless navigation. The watch allows Bluetooth calling, enabling users to stay connected without reaching for their smartphones. With over 135 sports modes, fitness enthusiasts can effortlessly track and analyze their workouts, while the extensive library of 200+ watch faces adds a touch of personalization. Equipped with a live heart rate monitor, blood pressure, and blood oxygen tracking capabilities, the Enfit NEO ensures users have access to comprehensive health insights. Additional features include camera control, multiple language support, dual-screen functionality, voice assistant, and multiple UI modes.

The Enfit NEO PRO Smart Watch, the second model in the line-up, is a perfect blend of style and functionality.  With a 2.01" screen, it exudes elegance while offering a comfortable fit. Like its counterpart, it features Bluetooth calling for seamless connectivity. With over 135+ sports modes and an extensive collection of 200+ watch faces, users can easily tailor their smartwatch to their unique preferences. The Enfit NEO PRO also offers blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring, camera control, and multiple language support.

Enfit NEO priced at Rs 1,999 (discounted price).

Enfit NEO PRO priced at Rs 2,499 (discounted price).

Available in stores.

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