AI robots strive to become our personal assistants at home

Robots with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities took front stage at CES 2024, demonstrating the remarkable advancements in the fields of robotics and AI
AI robots strive to become our personal assistants at home
AI robots strive to become our personal assistants at home

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has always been a stage for ground-breaking technological innovations and this year was no exception. AI-powered robots took the centrestage at 'CES 2024', showcasing the incredible strides made in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Several tech companies took the opportunity to unveil their cutting-edge innovations, offering a glimpse into the future of AI-driven robotics. Samsung unveiled a new version of its AI home companion robot called "Ballie". It was first introduced at CES 2020 and has been revamped with new advanced features to help users intelligently navigate their lives.

Ballie acts as a personal home assistant, autonomously driving around the home to complete various tasks. By connecting to and managing home appliances, this robot can provide a helping hand to users in many situations -- continually learning from users’ patterns and habits to provide smarter, more personalised services. It can send video updates of pets or loved ones to users’ devices when they’re away from home. It can set the mood for any home activity whether users are exercising, working or relaxing.

LG’s "smart home AI agent" -- a two-wheeled robot -- boasts robotic, AI and multi-modal technologies, enabling it to move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations. This robot can verbally interact with users and express emotions through movements made possible by its articulated leg joints. Moreover, the use of multi-modal AI technology enables this robot to understand context and intentions as well as actively communicate with users. It can also connect with and control smart home appliances and household internet of things (IoT) devices.

This AI robot can even act as a pet monitor and security guard, providing users with the ability to see and care for their pets remotely and sending alerts if any unusual activity is detected. For people who have dogs as pets, ORo, the companion robot may prove useful to them.

Ogmen Robotics launched ‘Oro’, an intelligent companion robot for dogs. According to the company, ORo stands out not just as a robot but also as a companion and guardian designed to enhance pet well-being, strengthen family bonds, and simplify pet care. ORo stimulates pets physically and emotionally through automatic, playful activities, promoting a vibrant, healthy environment. It also detects and responds to signs of anxiety by playing soothing music.

This robot also features 'Remote Connectivity' by which owners can interact and engage with their pets from any location. It also records and tracks important health documents such as licensing, vaccination histories, and medical records, ensuring pet health is always a priority. The next one is a delivery robot -- MOBINN -- from RcLab. This delivery robot is capable of providing delivery services 'anywhere', 'anytime'. Due to the independently developed wheel system, it is possible to overcome various obstacles, such as stairs or bumps, with only wheels and without worrying about.

According to the company, this delivery robot can deliver coffee safely without spilling a single cup of coffee to customers. The LiDAR-based mapping system used by MOBINN enables it to operate regardless of the outside environment, whether it is nighttime or even raining and snowing. Now comes the robot that provides cleaning solutions for homes.

Robot vacuum maker Roborock has unveiled a new flagship vacuum and mop called the 'S8 MaxV Ultra' that includes a voice assistant, robot arm and video calling functionality. Users can control this robot without using another device -- simply speak to it and tell it what to clean. The built-in camera enables AI-powered obstacle avoidance, as well as the option to call or have the owner call in remotely.

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