Photo, video tools on iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max empower content creators in India
Photo, video tools on iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max empower content creators in India

Photo, video tools on iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max empower content creators in India

The newest photo and video features on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have given Indian content artists the ability to reliably produce high-caliber content while on the go

For content creators in India, the latest photo and video tools on Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have empowered them to consistently create content on the go with great quality. Rocky Singh, TV anchor, entertainer and food professional, told IANS that content creation is a highly competitive field and as a professional he needs the best imagery possible. “I’m currently using iPhone 15 Pro Max to shoot all my content, digital online content and even my TV shows. I usually record at 1080p at 30fps but I can go up to 4K at 60fps for mind-blowing clarity,” said Singh.

The ability to smoothly change focus from close ups to wide shots is a game changer on iPhone 15 Pro Max and “my videos go from full wides to food close ups and back without loss of focus or any sort of jump whatsoever in a single smooth shot time after time”, he noted. For travel filmmakers and food bloggers, with USB 3, iPhone 15 Pro supports recording ProRes directly to an external storage device, up to 4K60 for the first time. ProRes is even more powerful with Log encoding, and iPhone 15 Pro will be even better for filmmakers as the first smartphone in the world with support for ACES.

According to Shakti Shekhawat, a travel blogger, the quad‑pixel sensor on iPhone 15 Pro is very impressive, which makes the most of 48-megapixels by adapting to what you're shooting, so you get low‑light photos with phenomenal detail. “I’m also heavily impressed by the .5x Ultra Wide macro which gets you amazing close-up of tiny subjects with incredible details. But I’m most impressed by the 5x telephoto lens on iPhone 15 Pro Max. Also with the new ProRes video capabilities on iPhone 15 Pro I can shoot Log footage straight from my phone’s camera,” he told IANS.

ProRes files capture more data when shooting, resulting in better quality footage than what you'd typically get from a phone or even some dedicated cameras. “It allows me to edit colours with more control on shadows and highlights for high quality video production,” said Shekhawat. Cinematic mode on iPhone 15 pro and Pro Max automatically shifts the focus to the most important subject in a scene. Just like Portrait mode, Cinematic mode now supports digital zoom from 1x up to 3x.

Action Mode helps you capture smooth hand-held videos even when you’re moving around a lot. iPhone 15 Pro introduces Log encoding on iPhone. Log encoding makes ProRes even more powerful for pro users, enabling more range and flexibility for visual effects and coloor grading in post-production.

Faisal Khan, founder and editor at leading auto blog Motorbeam, said that he has a couple of high-end DSLRs. “Yet, 90 per cent of the time, I am shooting automobiles on my iPhone 15 Pro Max because of the ease of use, fantastic auto-focus and excellent stability of the camera which lets me shoot handheld videos,” he said. “Not only does it save me time but the iPhone ensures that I am able to consistently create content on the go with great quality."

The “Action Mode” really helps in crowded conditions and brings out the chaos, colours and exciting visuals of India, according to Singh. “The stability it provides to moving shots where both the camera man and I are moving fast and free is nothing short of revolutionary. It’s changed the way we shoot and freed my team and I to a world of movement and freedom,” Singh told IANS.

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