Sound superiority: Sony Bravia Theatre Quad review

Sony delivers a masterclass on immersive home theatre audio with the Bravia Theatre Quad
Sony Bravia Theatre Quad
Sony Bravia Theatre Quad

If you’re in the market for setting up a home theater system, you’d be familiar with this dilemma – you either have to sacrifice your furniture arrangement to achieve peak surround sound, or deal with off-kilter sound that just doesn’t feel right if your speakers aren’t correctly positioned. Sony’s latest flagship Bravia Theatre Quad wireless home theatre system builds on the smarts of its successor, the HT-A9, to allow, nay actually encourage users to position its speakers anywhere they’d like…promising an expansive and immersive sound field regardless of the symmetry (or lack thereof) of the setup.

How does the Bravia Theatre Quad manage this with what looks to be a four-speaker setup, albeit one that connects to the control box wirelessly and can additionally pair with the optional SW3 or SW5 wireless subwoofers? First, each of the four newly designed units in the Quad system contains four drivers – that’s 16 drivers in total - with a dedicated tweeter, mid and bass, all of which face forward, along with a full-range upward-firing driver to handle the simulated Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Then, the Bravia Theatre Quad uses Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound mapping feature to calibrate the speaker output optimized for your listening position based your room’s ceiling height and overall size, no matter where the four speakers are placed. This is all done within the user-friendly Bravia Connect app, and the result is an expansive acoustic bubble of up to 12 ‘phantom speakers’ notionally placed around the room, one that’s far more immersive than what four standard speakers could ever manage.

Sony Bravia Theatre Quad
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Sony Bravia Theatre Quad
Sony Bravia Theatre Quad

And boy, does it work…with the only caveat being that you really should pair the Quad with the optional subwoofer if you want to feel the low-end in big action sequences like the aerial chases in Top Gun Maverick. With the Atmos channels firing audio upwards, there’s a very tangible sense of being immersed in the scene, with Sony’s mapping tech placing speakers on walls nearby that had me turning around to see where the sound came from. No matter the haphazard positioning of the speakers, never once did the sound feel off-kilter. Dialogues in TV series were served up rather well via the phantom center channel and listening to your favorite music – be it pop or orchestral - benefits from the neutral sonic signature of the Quad speakers balanced by the low-end of the SW5 subwoofer. If your budget can stretch to the Bravia Theatre Quad, this is about as good as a plug-and-play home theater in a box can get. The only real downside is the limited connectivity options in the control hub and the slightly long-in-the-tooth subwoofer offering, minor letdowns given the strength of the rest of the package.

Sony Bravia Theatre Quad
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Rating: 8/10

Price: INR 1,99,999

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