Zebronics unveils Juke bar 9900

Unveiling the Juke bar 9900 with 5.2.4 channels and Dolby Atmos, Zebronics
Zebronics unveils Juke bar 9900

Zebronics announced the launch of its latest home entertainment sound – ZEB-Juke Bar 9900. Elevating the home theater experience to new heights, the ZEB-Juke Bar 9900 combines cutting-edge features with breathtaking sound quality, delivering an immersive cinematic experience right in the comfort of your living room. This soundbar introduces numerous pioneering features for an Indian soundbar brand, boasting a 5.2.4 channel configuration, Dual wireless subwoofer, and a total of four upward firing speakers, complemented by dual wireless satellites and a wireless mic for karaoke. With these innovations, this soundbar promises to elevate your home cinematic experience to unprecedented heights.

Immerse yourself in the world of cinema with the ZEB-Juke Bar 9900's 5.2.4 surround setup, featuring Dolby Atmos, revealing depth, clarity, and details like never before. The soundbar is also equipped with DTS X. Whether you're watching movies, gaming, or streaming your favorite content, experience sound that moves all around you, bringing every scene to life with unparalleled realism.

With a powerful 725 watts RMS output, the ZEB-Juke Bar 9900 fills your room with rich, immersive sound, making every moment unforgettable. Enjoy seamless connectivity with the ZEB-Juke Bar 9900, featuring BT v5.3, that allows you to wirelessly connect compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers to the soundbar. With eARC, enjoy lossless audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS X, delivering superior sound quality for all your entertainment needs. It comes with Optical input for high quality digital audio, USB port for pen drives, as well as an aux input.

Enhance your listening experience with the 16.51cm dual wireless subwoofers, delivering room-thumping bass that adds depth and intensity to your favorite movies and music. Plus, with Dual wireless rear satellites, enjoy true surround sound that immerses you in every detail. The ZEB-Juke Bar 9900 features a soundbar with 5 individual drivers, ensuring crystal-clear audio across all frequencies. Take your entertainment to the next level with the wireless UHF mic featuring karaoke functionality, perfect for hosting fun house parties and entertaining guests.

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 Sleek and stylish, the ZEB-Juke Bar 9900 is designed to complement any home decor and can be easily wall-mounted for a streamlined look. Add a touch of ambiance to your home theater setup with RGB LED Lights, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that complements your audio.

Price: Rs. 32,999/-

Available online.

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