Five tips on how to ace your Twitter game while watching your favourite movie or web series

Regardless of geographic or cultural boundaries, these avid TV fans gather in real time on Twitter

author_img Team Indulge Published :  10th August 2021 04:36 PM   |   Published :   |  10th August 2021 04:36 PM


Of late Twitter has emerged as one of the most active platforms for fans to engage with each other about their favourite shows and movies. Regardless of geographic or cultural boundaries, these avid TV fans gather in real time on Twitter. While many of them know exactly how to tweet and keep their followers engaged, here are some tips for those who may be trying this for the first time:

Share your reactions to the episode while it’s airing
Join in the real-time conversations around your favourite shows, movies or episodes by Tweeting along as you watch the scheduled telecast, sharing your personal commentary as the show unfolds. 

Pro-tip- Do tag (@)  the TV channel and name of the show/movie to get eyeballs from everyone watching it or reading about it. 

Announce ahead of time that you will be live-Tweeting
Tweet to let your followers know that you’ll be active while the show is on, and encourage them to follow along with you. Updating ahead of time will build a sense of excitement, ensuring your followers tune in to catch the fun! 

Pro-tip- You can also create image templates and craft a few Tweets before the event for smooth sailing.

Use the correct hashtags
While posting commentary, use the appropriate hashtags for the show so other fans can discover your Tweets with ease. The hashtag is also usually featured within the show itself, you can use that too. 

Pro-tip- Keep an eye out for relevant and emerging hashtags that start gaining popularity. Use that to get into those conversations. 

React to surprising or emotional points in the story
Share your thoughts and feelings during major plot twists. Reacting to surprising or emotional points in the story will help people connect better with the broadcast. You can also ask for their reactions and inputs on a particular scene or episode. This is a great way to create and maintain interest along with driving new followers. 

Pro-tip- Using emojis here can be a creative means to express yourself. 

Use a Retweet with a comment to respond to your community
Reply to questions or follower comments that catch your eye. Show your community you’re listening by Retweeting and/or liking great Tweets around the show/movie you’re watching.

So, what do you plan on watching next with your Twitter community?