Our in-house tech expert Gadget Boy reviews: Lenovo HD 116 Wireless Headphones

The new HD 116 is a wireless BT 5.0 headphone

author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  02nd March 2020 02:41 PM   |   Published :   |  02nd March 2020 02:41 PM


Armed with EQ technology, the new HD 116 is a wireless BT 5.0 headphone equipped with dual EQ mode. I managed to pair the headphones in seconds and loved the snug yet comfortable fit which also shut down a lot of extraneous sounds passively.

First up, I tried Dua Lipa's “Don't Start Now”. The audio was crystal clear with great separation, switching to extra bass mode shifted the HD 116 to higher gear resulting in outstanding sound, especially for such an affordable pair of headphones. The HD 116 lasted me for a long time, way more than the 24 hours promised by Lenovo on a single charge.

Probing further I switched to some Hi-Res audio from a media player which gave even better results. I threw some opera, blues, cello from Sheku-Kaneh, country music of the 60s and more at the 116. The sound quality was always good and consistent, with a highly effective soundstage.

Call quality was top-notch, with both sides audible and dynamic. Its been a while since I've been so taken to a pair of headphones this affordable. Lenovo is definitely on the right track with its new series of headphones.

INR 2,499* amazon.in