Now you can monitor air quality and air pollution levels with these pocket-sized devices!

Both monitors are capable of measuring PM2.5 which is the atmospheric particulate matter
Prana Air
Prana Air

Prana Air, a brand by Purelogic Labs manufactures devices and products to protect people from pollution has now launched its two new products Cair and Cair+.

Cair and Cair+ help in measuring the air quality and air pollution in any given environment and shows the user all collected data in real-time. With its newly added functionality such as Wi-Fi connectivity and an SD-card slot allows the user to track the air quality at any point of time, anywhere. All data gets stored in the cloud and is accessible through its mobile application called AQI India.

Both monitors are capable of measuring PM2.5 which is the atmospheric particulate matter, Temperature, and humidity with high-quality sensors, to check the air quality. Both devices can be used wirelessly. They also have an in-built 1000 mAh battery which can be charged.


The Cair+ apart from the Cair can measure CO2 and HCHO with dedicated sensors. All data can be viewed on the monitor’s LCD screen in real-time with graphs or can be accessed through the mobile application where the data is also stored. The mobile application helps track hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data and alerts can be set for different air quality levels to ensure safety when air pollution rates change.

The monitor displays the values for each parameter together with colours like green, yellow, and red to analyze if the levels are safe or not. This device overall allows people to check the air anywhere to check if they are really breathing clean air or not and gives people the power to be aware and do something about the situation when clean air cannot be guaranteed.

The Cair is priced at INR 4,990 and the Cair+ with additional features comes at a price of INR 7,490.

The devices are now available online.

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