Now your canine can enjoy a clay mask for his coat!

The two-month-old Neem Tree Spa in Besant Nagar offers ‘Clay Groom — Detox’ services for canines in the city

author_img Poorani Balendra Published :  09th November 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th November 2018 06:00 AM

Clay masks are all the rage now. Celebrities flaunt their ‘masked’ faces on Instagram. Clay’s detoxing powers are unparalleled, we are told. And for the first time in Chennai, our pets too can get a detox treatment. The two-month-old Neem Tree Spa in Besant Nagar offers ‘Clay Groom — Detox’ 
services for our furry friends. 

Sundar R, the man behind the brand (who brought Chennai Kabbs’ Pet Spa a decade ago) asks why humans should have all the fun. “If we're shifting towards using products free from synthetic chemicals, then why not dogs?” For the detox treatment, French clay is dispersed in rose or jasmine hydrosols, sprayed on to the coats of the dogs, and then rinsed off. “After this, there will be a distinct difference in the texture of the coat. The clay will also neutralise the doggie smell since it removes the bacterial buildup."
They use high-pressure spray nozzles and Sundar says that it has reduced their water consumption drastically. “In the normal method, for a small dog, about 8-10 litres is used. We use only two litres for a complete shower,” says the 44-year-old who has been in the pet grooming business since 2010. Sundar says his doggie customers also love to be sprayed with these nozzles. “Not all dogs like to be touched and rubbed. And since the water can be sprayed at high pressures, it gets into the fur and  reaches the skin.” Sundar has been experimenting with these nozzles for two years.



For ticks and fleas, the spa also has a ‘natural’ answer. An oil massage: a mixture of sweet almond oil, coconut oil and oils with antibacterial properties — neem and cedar wood — is sprayed on to the coat. Since they spray on all their products using the high-pressure nozzles, Sundar says it is “economical” too. Now, the outlet offers a package: oil spa, clay groom and shampoo shower, for Rs 1,500. Their shampoos are blended once a week using a shampoo base that is “99 per cent natural”. Oils go in there too. Are cats allowed to get a detox? “Of course, we have about 15 cat customers,” says Sundar’s friend Iliyas B, who has set up the first franchise in Besant Nagar.