Workshop in Kolkata on enhancing mental and physical energy led by Sweta Sureka and Puja Agarwal

Drop in at this upcoming workshop featuring a nutritionist and a life coach who will address how you can balance your mental and physical energies for a more sound lifestyle  

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  15th November 2019 10:33 AM   |   Published :   |  15th November 2019 10:33 AM

How can you balance your diet and mental health?

While we have access to almost every amenity in the digital age, a homogeneity between our physical and mental well being is almost a privilege, something only a few can achieve. Balancing our mental, emotional, dietary and overall physical health is something we all should focus on, and an upcoming talk is about to address that very need. Balancing Life, in association with Indulge, The New Indian Express, is a workshop on enhancing mental and physical energies; it is set to be a joint session by a city-based nutritionist and fitness consultant Puja Agarwal and lifestyle coach and author Sweta Sureka. The workshop is set to be held on November 20, at the Business Lounge of The Spring Club, 5 pm onwards. 

Sweta Sureka is a Kolkata-based lifestyle coach

“The workshop features a nutritionist and a life coach, so it tackles both mental and physical aspects of living; mental health doesn’t just have to be about depression or ailments, but I’m planning to address how our mental energy and our thoughts help us, it is about positivity which we need to work at. Most people don’t realise how negative they really are, it is essential to take the step to change. That initial step is difficult for most people to make,” Sureka tells us. The life coach, who has clients from Kolkata and beyond, has keenly observed the taboo which is in place when it comes to talking about mental health. 

Puja Agarwal is a city-based nutritionist

“Going up to a professional for help for your mental health is still not widely accepted here. I plan to address changing our thought process can make our lives effectively better,” adds Sureka. Although the workshop is for every age demographic Sureka reveals working professionals between the ages of 30 to 50 will especially benefit at this workshop, especially as it has a focus on the balance between physical and mental well-being. Kolkata-based nutritionist Puja Agarwal has consistently been observing a steady rise of misconceptions about daily eating habits and intends to use the workshop’s platforms to break some of the myths. 

“I wanted to address how the concept of getting fat is misinterpreted widely, even by some of my patients. Dietary fat and body fat are different areas, I deal with people who want to lose weight, or have metabolic problems, so it is essential to convey that to people. Saturated fats are not the problem, refined carbohydrates are the problem. The scariest part is that all our daily staples like wheat rotis and rice are all refined carbs. My focus is on a low-carb, high-fat diet which has an adequate amount of protein. Plus, wrong dietary oils are the reason why people have thyroid issues today, these oils lessen the communication between hormones and cells which is crucial for weight loss,” Agarwal tells us. Registration fees for the Balancing Life workshop is Rs 1,000. For registering, call 9330816534.