This Valentine's Day, try and express your love with a permanent tattoo

On this day of love, express your love with a permanent, meaningful bond by getting tattoos together

author_img Lavanya A Published :  14th February 2020 01:07 PM   |   Published :   |  14th February 2020 01:07 PM

Couple tattoo ideas

Long gone are the days of fervent letters, longing gazes from the balconies and long partings. We live in a very temporal world, where we’ve lost touch with the permanent.

But sometimes, we meet someone in a relationship that we want to cherish forever. The thrill of their touch, of their voice, and their scent - these are things we want to preserve forever. And what better way to express this feeling than with a tattoo?

On this day of love, you can get a work of art symbolising the eternity of your love. As tattoo artists Vikas and Micky Malani, the Co-Founders of BodyCanvas Tattoos offer, "People have now started understanding that tattoos are permanent and it's difficult and painful to get rid of them. Therefore, couples are now preferring symbolism or something meaningful rather than getting each other’s names tattooed. It denotes two souls connected, no matter how far apart they were because, ultimately, they would still be able to find their way back to one another."

Tattoos can symbolise a myriad feelings. Here are some options that you can check out this Valentine's Day:

Name/Date Tattoos: We have all, at some point or the other, considered getting the names of our significant others or an important one tattooed on our person. Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Popular celebrities like Saif Ali Khan have already made such a commitment.

Matching Tattoos: You can also imprint those symbols that mean a lot to you, and cherish them together.

Connecting Tattoos: Get one of those lock-and-key tattoos that would be personal to you because, sometimes, you know that he or she completes you.

Minimalistic Tattoos: For people who like to keep things simple and elegant, minimalistic tattoos work the best. A small gesture does go a long way.

Fingerprint Tattoos: You could also get the fingerprints of your loved one on your body. Not only will it look unique and cool, but you’d always have them near you.

Soundwave Tattoos: Another way to express your love could be through a soundwave tattoo. You might ask, what is that? Lokesh Verma, the Founder of Devilz Tattooz explains, "Soundwave tattoos are a pretty new technology, and it's really very cool. You can have the messages or sound of your special one, and hear it anytime you want! This is more like a coded message which no one else can know, but whenever you feel like hearing their sound, you can just scan the tattoo and play it back."

Pride, LGBT Tattoos: Feelings and emotions should not have a boundary, then why should tattoos? Tattoo artists Shyamli Panda and Amar from Devil’z Tattooz say, “We love that the tattoo industry in India is slowly becoming a safe and inclusive space for people of the LGBTQ community, with more people and industries embracing the idea of fluidity. Love comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms - and deserves a place to thrive."

So go right ahead, and express your love through memories that you can carry with you, for all your life. Always be careful to make health and cleanliness enquiries, and to learn more about the tattoo you are getting.

Image courtesy: BodyCanvas Tattoos and Devil'z Tattooz