DIY special: Have you heard about The Odd Gumnut’s ‘radical self reliance’ workshops?

Here's how you can sign up for the virtual self reliance workshops
Kunal and Laura of The Odd Gumnut
Kunal and Laura of The Odd Gumnut

Panchgani permaculture farm The Odd Gumnut started with their series of self-reliance workshops a few weeks back, amid the Covid crisis. The beginner-friendly virtual DIY sessions are a culmination of many years of experimentations upon the notion of living green as explained to us by permaculturists Kunal Khanna and Laura Christie Khanna, the minds behind The Odd Gumnut. The workshops were conceived as a way of enabling people to become growers, producers, brewers, bakers and preservers.  

“This workshop theme of radical self reliance is inspired by the 10 principles of our beloved Burning Man community – some of these include ‘radical self expression’, ‘radical inclusion’ and ‘radical self reliance’. These principles encompass the way we live our lives – with an unbridled expression of self, a deep respect for mother earth, and a genuine detachment from the commercial world of fast fashion, fast food, and cheap solutions that break after a years’ time,” Kunal and Christie reveal.

As part of the DIY self-reliance workshops The Odd Gumnut is helping people learn how to grow organic food, build their own furniture, make easy home ferments, and even make natural zero-waste beauty essentials. “For us, all that adds up to some seriously radical self-reliance, and not one where we skimp on quality! Turns out, ‘homemade’ is almost always more quality than what you can buy. To us, self-reliant means you have the faith in yourself, your capable hands and your creative mind to solve your own problems and create your own answers! This is freedom from the current wasteful system,” we are told. In the last month The Odd Gumnut has hosted a series of really useful virtual sessions from beginner’s guide to making traditionally fermented sourdough breads, to a Kombucha deep dive.

Easy home ferments by The Odd Gumnut
Easy home ferments by The Odd Gumnut

The Odd Gumnut’s next DIY workshop is set to focus on easy home fermentation and will be conducted via Zoom by Laura who’s a certified Permaculture teacher and also the cofounder of the kombucha brand Rise Up. The workshop scheduled to be held on May 28 will start from 3:30 pm.

“Self-reliance shouldn’t be difficult and arduous, it should be empowering and fun! Next up we are working on two big projects. Firstly, creating The Odd Gumnut’s Guide to Radical Self Reliance, which will be a video course folks can purchase and access. It will include detailed tutorials on all sorts of ways to maximize the nutrition of food, kick all chemicals out of your home, look and feel beautiful using only natural products, grow food, brew booze, make herbal medicine, and even mend your denims and fix up your bicycle. We are pouring lots of love and humour into this project and can’t wait to share it,” Laura and Kunal inform us.

You can find details about The Odd Gumnut's workshops here 

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