Dandelion's debut dinnerware edit is all about handcrafted ceramic wonders

Muted, earthen tones are trending big in homeware, says Dandelion’s Samyukta Nair 

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Muted, earthen tones are trending big in homeware, says Dandelion’s Samyukta Nair

Lifestyle label Dandelion has introduced its first-ever line of dinnerware and table linen, titled Summer Sonnet that assembles a handcrafted line of ceramic dinnerware, table linen, embroidered napkins and bespoke accent cushions, with personalising options. The collection prioritises tropical shades like jade, blush pink, fern, lime and also some key earthen tones. 

Samyukta Nair, Founder, Dandelion

“Dandelion LIVING launched at the end of 2020 out of my love for wanting to transcend beyond the walls of one’s bedroom into a larger private space, given everyone was at home so much more. Tableware and table linen, in addition to cushions and candles, I thought was a beautiful extension to the current brand offering of sleep and gave us a meaningful way to be part of people’s homes, lives and memories,”  Dandelion founder Samyukta Nair shares. What's trending this summer when it comes to table-runners and ceramics? Nair breaks it down

What are the colours you zeroed in on for the capsule line and why? 

With a colour palette that speaks of flamingo pink, broken white, fern and sage green, ochre yellow and midnight blue we opted for a sense of everyday ease and romantic sophistication to people’s everyday living while blending right in and not being too out of place. Our printed or monogrammed cushions can be easily thrown into a larger mix as well as our personalised napkins or table runners can brighten up any tablescape when thrown in. We chose to keep our capsule collection of ceramics muted, in solid colours, because everyday living doesn’t need to be fussy as much as easy and functional but yet beautiful.  

Sage green ceramic serving platter

Tell us a little about your buyers, are they mostly millennials or is it a diverse crowd?

Dandelion is blessed with an incredibly diverse audience – now more than ever people are mindful of their consumption patterns, not just how much they are buying but they are really focused on what they are buying and what they truly love. Bespoke, small-batch, quality personalised products are really where our forte lies and there is an audience for this across the board that really resonates with the brand values we stand for.  

Do you think people are spending more on homeware since they've been spending more time indoors for the past year?

Yes but that’s largely because of the restrictions. However, what I have noticed is that people have become much more particular about their homes – be it design, décor or even clothes they wear at home. It’s a welcome change for a homebody like me to see many others take the time and interest in uplifting their immediate living spaces.  

Half Moon Skies table placemats

Are there any challenges involved in selling homeware virtually?

Thankfully, our audience is sophisticated and we’ve always been an online brand with a strong brand presence. Learning, whether online or offline, is a never-ending process and every single day we find lessons to take to the next. Having said that, the online space is rather crowded but that’s the reality of any competitive business and we choose to learn from it and focus on delivering a better product and experience to our patrons.