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The ten-on-ten horoscope compatibility or wealth of both families won’t define a successful marriage.

author_img Arya UR Published :  26th November 2021 09:20 PM   |   Published :   |  26th November 2021 09:20 PM

Digital content creator Visakh Nandhu

KOCHI: The ten-on-ten horoscope compatibility or wealth of both families won’t define a successful marriage. Young film aspirant and digital content creator Visakh Nandhu is trying to tell us just this through his new web series ‘Just Married Things’. The series produced by Behindwoods Ice recently completed its third episode and is scoring well on YouTube with over two million views.

Newlywed couple Adithyan and Balamani, who had an arranged marriage with blessings from their families, fail to meet each other’s expectations from day one. The young couple gets into adorable fights and begins to torment each other. Vishak has also included a character, the couple’s friend,  who starts making problems in their lives. The protagonist couple played by anchor-turned-actor Jeeva Joseph and Sreevidya Mullachery do justice to their roles, as their enactment of ‘regular couple bickering’ is very relatable.

“I was always a fan of the Filter Copy series and its making. It made me wonder how such a series would look in Malayalam”. Adhithyan married Balamani in a hurry without getting ample time to get to know her, much like every other arranged marriage situation in Kerala. According to Vishak, many real-life couples fail to find emotional compatibility despite ‘matching horoscopes’ and their lives become hell. “Be it arranged or love marriage, the partners should take time to understand each other and develop sincere love before getting married,” he says.

Vishak penned the script with his friends Shyam Sasidhar, Siju Sunny and Princy Denny. “To make one laugh for 10 to 15 minutes is a challenge. The sync sound also helped them give the roles a natural feel. The team cinematographer Abhijith Somaraj, production manager Abhijith Ajayan, Gopika Hari, editor Renjith Surendran and Gokul Sreekandan in music played a big role to make the series what it is, after the pandemic break,” Vishak says. For actor Jeeva Jospeh, the series was an exploration of his acting skills.  “I joined the project because I was intrigued by the topic. Also, I wanted to convey a relationship becomes fulfilling when both parties respect each other and care for each other,” says Jeeva.