In search of positive energy and good luck? These water plants can help

Here is a checklist of the best indoor plants that thrive in water

author_img Express News Service Published :  24th July 2022 09:27 PM   |   Published :   |  24th July 2022 09:27 PM

Spider plant is one of those that you can keep in water for a long time. Over time, it will grow and give beautiful roots in the water. Change the water once every five-seven days to keep them happy.

Lucky bamboo, thanks to Feng Shui, is one of the most popular tabletop plants as it is believed to attract positive energy and good luck. Fill a container with enough water to cover the roots, and place it in indirect sunlight. Use pebbles and marbles to balance the stems and hold the plant in place. Change the water every fortnight.

Pothos or money plant is an air-purifying water creeper that can aesthetically enhance any desk, table, wall or bathroom, as it can be arranged in different ways. You can grow money plants from cuttings, in a jar filled with tap water. Change the water every 20 days and clean the jar to keep algae away.

Devil’s ivy or philodendron can grow strong roots in water for further planting in the soil media they like. Put them in a jar, vase or bottle for a stunning look. Give them liquid fertiliser to keep them growing happily.

Monstera adansonii is an adaptable indoor plant that is easy to grow in water and loves to be placed on a spot with bright, indirect light. Just put it in a unique vessel for a stylish look, and change the water every three to five days.