Hairstylist Adhuna Bhabani gives us a sneak peek into the hair secrets of 2023

This week, we speak with the ace hairstylist for a quick update on hair secrets of the year and her collaboration with Dyson X Arpita Mehta.
Adhuna Bhabani
Adhuna Bhabani

Nothing can do better wonders to your looks than a perfect haircut doubled up with a proper hair care routine. Hair styling expert, Adhuna Bhabani, needs no introduction when it comes to weaving magical hairstyles and so, who better than her can give tips on the latest trends? This week, we speak with the ace hairstylist for a quick update on hair secrets of the year and her collaboration with Dyson X Arpita Mehta.

What is your first memory of hairstyling?

My first memory of hairstyling goes back to my mother and her salon visits. I was all of 14 when I started realising my awe for her hair sessions, the creative possibilities and the vibe. I consider myself lucky to be blessed with a supportive family. British hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon, too inspired me a lot throughout my career, alongside my wonderful mentors.

What hairstyles are trending in 2023?

In contrast to the past few years, 2023 is all about minimalism, be it in terms of clothing, skincare, hair care or hairstyling. It’s time people start embracing their natural texture to make way for new possibilities. As opposed to a solid trend, one’s personal preference is slowly taking the lead. Skin tone, colours that dominate the wardrobe and make-up tones are being considered to create unique looks. Since the ’70s are making a comeback, I feel fringes and bangs are also going to dominate. The beautiful thing about fringes is that it’s not a massive commitment. In terms of colours, fun, pop colours have taken over the last few seasons but at present, the fashion world is headed towards toneddown, ready-to-wear colours.

What was your collaboration with Dyson X Arpita Mehta all about?

It was an immense pleasure to collaborate with Dyson for Arpita Mehta’s Spring-Summer 2023 showcase at the LFWxFDCI. Arpita’s holiday-inspired line celebrates easy, breezy looks in terms of both clothes and hair and I really got on board with her thought process. Her concept for the summer line revolved around independent women going on a holiday and bringing out their individuality. Working with Dyson tools helped me experiment with trendy yet re-creatable hairstyles.

What is your favourite hair tool to use and why?

I love hairstyling tools that are multi-functional. It helps in creating unique looks, while simultaneously keeping your hands free with minimal baggage. One of my favourites happens to be the Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler due to its innovation and multi-functionality. It dries, shapes and curls, and can also be used to hide those annoying flyaways. And, the creativity is endless thanks to this hairstyling tool.

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