Organic make up brand, Bindt Beauty, has a colour palette curated for Indian skin tones

After battling hormonal acne for years, Bindya Talluri decided to create her own brand of make-up with organic ingredients 

Sonali Shenoy Published :  07th April 2023 03:09 PM   |   Published :   |  07th April 2023 03:09 PM

Beauty influencer Bindya Talluri has launched an organic make-up brand that caters to Indian skin tones. Inspired by her own journey of quick fixes and cover-ups while battling hormonal acne, Bindt, which translates to daughter or girl in Arabic, promises clean ingredients like our much-loved coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. The ethos of the brand, we discover, over a chat with a Chennai-based Bindya, is also to offer multi-functional products that simplify your routine. Expect cream concealers, tints that can be used for the cheeks, lips, and lids, illuminators and soft setting powders. Excerpts from the interview:


Take us back to the beginning. How did this journey start for you?
It started pre-Covid, I wanted to create something that I loved using a lot. I used to wear a lot of make-up to cover up my acne and scars. I ended up doing more harm than good. Then I was introduced to a few clean make-up brands and I started noticing my skin and how healthy and fresh it looked. And it looks natural...

Give us a glimpse of the R&D process, how long did it take to get your shades and formulation just right?
The challenging part was finding the right manufacturer. Once we started formulating with them, I really learned so much more in the process. I loved testing the products and making sure the coverage was there but that it was also lightweight and blends well into the skin. Getting the right shades for the concealer was the most important. I wanted to make sure most Indian skin tones were covered. So it took almost two to three years for the formulation and colours.



From beeswax to jojoba oil, we love the clean ingredient list. Tell us more about 'the why' for each one and what makes them effective.
Beeswax smoothens, protects & helps to renew your skin. Jojoba oil controls sebum production & Vitamin E improves elasticity and is a star anti-aging ingredient. Meanwhile, Rosehip seed oil is packed with Vitamin A, C & E which makes it a go-to for anyone battling acne, blemishes and wrinkles.

We noticed that you have eight shades of concealer but no foundation. Was this a conscious choice - going with your ethos of a minimalist routine?
Yes, I wanted to keep it minimal for everyday use. So just a concealer is all we need first and in fact, this can be used for the full face as well. Also, the tints are multi-functional. The idea is to make make-up simple and easy to use - for young girls as well as older women who may refrain from using make-up as it can be quite intimidating with all the products and techniques that are out there.



You have four products currently, are you looking to expand the line in the coming months?
Five including the most talked about brush which I love! Yes, I will be expanding the line soon. We are already working on formulations for the next product and hope to launch soon.


Available online. INR 999 onwards.