Sanya Malhotra opens up about the secrets to her beauty and lots more!

This curly haired beauty is in the limelight for all the right reasons and we caught up with her to talk cinema, beauty and so much more…

Romal Laisram Published :  09th November 2023 10:03 PM   |   Published :   |  09th November 2023 10:03 PM
Sanya Malhotra

Sanya Malhotra

Sanya Malhotra is a hot property right now. Whats with her charm, innocent beauty, and ability to look like she could be from anywhere in India. From Dangal (2016) and Badhaai Ho (2018) to Paglait (2021), Meenakshi Sundareshwar (2021), and Kathal (2023), we’ve seen and loved her many avatars, the recent most being the just-released Jawan (2023). We caught up with the actress at the unveiling of Godrej Professional’s Dimension-Ombreyage Collection at the Professional Beauty India — Mumbai Expo 2023 for a casual tête-à-tête that reveals quite a bit about her choices and more…

Do tell us about this collaboration
I think something we will all agree on is that there is no longer a fixed standard of beauty. We all have varied dimensions and they are all equally gorgeous. This is exactly what Dimensions by Godrej Professional believes in, that the hair colour you wear doesn’t see gender, race, size, or skin. Colours are for everyone. We all should proudly flaunt the hair of our choice.

Sanya Malhotra Donning Godrej Professional’s Sandstone Ombreyage
Sanya Malhotra donning Godrej Professional’s Sandstone Ombreyage


How was your experience working in Jawan?
The experience has been absolutely amazing. I’m so happy that the film is doing so well. I feel so happy when people address me as Dr Eram because that feels like the ultimate validation for an actor. I’m genuinely excited to witness the film’s success, and I’m glad grateful to be a part of it.

You seem to have an affinity for the South, will you be working here soon?
I hope I get an opportunity soon, I would definitely love to work in the South.

How do you stay in shape?
Physical fitness plays an important role in my life and I absolutely love working out. I love how the post-workout sensation makes me feel great. My exercise regimen encompasses various elements, ranging from functional training to boxing and even cross-fit sessions. I’m quite moody when it comes to choosing my daily workout, as it hinges on how I feel that day. I also have a wonderful trainer — Tridev Pandey.

Sanya Malhotra
Sanya Malhotra


What is your skin and hair care regimen?
My skincare routine is very simple: I never sleep with makeup on. I wash my face, and use moisturiser. I do not use makeup at all on the days I am not shooting. In the morning, sunscreen is a must. At night, it’s all about moisturizing. My hair care is focused on maintaining my curly hair. I use a hair mask, curl cream, leave-in conditioner and sometimes gel or mousse to define the curls. In Delhi, I diffuse my hair, while in humid places, I air dry it. In Mumbai, where it gets frizzy, I also prefer to diffuse it.

How do you look after your mental health?
I usually take therapy, but lately, my schedule has been too hectic to fit it in. So, it’s become crucial for me to keep the lines of communication open. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends and family I can turn to at any time. I’ve realized that communication is the most important thing. Like whatever is going on in my head I don’t keep it to myself, I have to share it with the people I am close to and its extremely helpful.

Sanya Malhotra
Sanya Malhotra


What do you do to unwind when you aren’t working?
I don’t like to do anything when I am not working, I really love to chill at home with my cat and watch something on television. I do sleep, I rest but I don’t usually give myself enough rest days, to be honest I end up doing something or the other even on my rest days. I love cleaning, so on my rest days or the days I am not shooting, I like to clean my cupboard. I guess it’s time to remind myself to be more mindful and make sure I get more proper rest days.

How would you define your personal sense of style?
I am still figuring out my style, I’m fortunate to have a fantastic team that dresses me up. Natasha Mathias takes care of my hair and makeup and I absolutely love whatever she does. I also have amazing stylists that I have worked with. But I’m quite moody, so my style can vary. Some days, I’ll go all out with hair and makeup, experimenting with different lo-oks. Other times, I prefer to keep it comfy and stick to styles I’m comfortable with. It’s all about finding that balance between experimenting and staying true to what makes me feel good.

What can we see you doing next?
My next is Sam Bahadur with Vicky Kaushal, directed by Meghna Gulzar, which I am really excited about.

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