Five beauty products to keep you glowing this summer

Discover grooming essentials that will keep you hydrated all summer
Five beauty products to keep you glowing this summer

Some of the top brands have come to your rescue this summer. With their new launches of hydrating products, embrace summer like never before. Indulge in the allure of Aqualogica's new perfume collection, achieve buttery smooth lips with Moha's lip gloss, or rejuvenate your skin with Derma Co's Skin Renew Cream.

1. Aqualogica's Refresh+ Sweet Summer Kiss Perfume Body Mist

With a sweet and sensual strawberry aroma, this hair/body mist is perfect for making you feel refreshed this summer. Suitable for both hair and body, radiate the aroma of berries and fruit with this, all day every day. The blend of Zemea and Hyaluronic Acid makes every spray hydrating and non-irritating on your skin. The top note bursts with strawberries, red apples and red currant. The heart note brings a fruity essence with a floral trail. Finally, the base note of nectarine and warm musk leave a lasting impression wherever you go. INR 499. Available online.

2. Moha’s lip butter

Embrace summer with this new hydrating Lip Butter by Moha. The creamy formula provides a deep and long-lasting texture to the lips. Infused with pomegranate extract, vitamin C and vitamin E, it nourishes and repairs, leaving the lips healthy and radiant. This helps with wrinkled lips and brightens them giving a soft and hydrated texture. INR 225. Available online.

3. The Derma Co’s Skin Renew Peptide Retinol Serum-Cream

Derma Co’s Skin Renew Peptide Retinol Serum-Cream accelerates skin regeneration, fights dullness and diminishes dark spots. Elevate your skincare routine and achieve youthful, glowing skin with this potent serum-cream powerhouse. Retinaldehyde in this serum cream helps in boosting the skin elasticity and increases pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production. This will surely bring a youthful look and enhance the quality of your skin. INR 1,519. Available online.

4. Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Rose Water

Juicy Chemistry has come up with its natural powerhouse of hydrating and soothing properties in its new Bulgarian Rose Water. It balances the skin’s pH and the excess oil from the surface is reduced. It not only cleanses the pores but also evens out the skin tone. It is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, which protect your skin and rejuvenate it. Whether used as a toner, a refreshing mist, or a base for favourite skincare products, this versatile gem infuses the skin with a burst of moisture and a delightful hint of rose fragrance.

5. Indulgeo’s Squalane Skin Hydrator

This skin hydrator is a versatile solution suitable for all skin types, whether dehydrated, excessively oily or dry and in need of care. This is the go-to solution for everyone this summer. It helps in balancing moisture, ensures clear skin and brings out an instant glow. This product is so lightweight that you'll barely feel it, and it can also be applied to hair for enhanced heat protection, reduced breakage and added shine.

(Written by Bristi Dey)