International Being You Day: Top 5 ideas to spend some quality ‘Me Time’

‘Me time’ is when an individual’s focus is solely on themselves and indulge in activities that gives them joy and happiness
International Being You Day: Top 5 ideas to spend some quality ‘Me Time’

In today’s treadmill kind of life, everybody is running their own race, multitasking and fitting every single space of their life with something they could do to improve and get ahead in the race of life. In all this rush, we forget to take a break and spend some time for ourselves. A ‘me time’ helps you to take a deep breath and push the stop button for a few minutes in your life. Here are five amazing ways to spend your much-needed me time.


All the digital connections help us be connected to the outside race and hence be updated to every new development around. But what is a me time with constant ting of the outside world to interrupt you and constantly remind you to be stressed and on alert? Unplug yourself from the outside world and spend the little time fully dedicated to yourself.

Cater to your inner child

The happiest period in every individual's life is their childhood and the happy child is still within, sitting in a corner and waiting for the now mature child to spare some time for them. Indulge in childhood activities that gave you joy. A board game, a jigsaw puzzle, a colouring book, anything that sparks the light of childhood.

Self-care is the best care

Give yourself the luxury of self-care, bring out the massager you bought but never tried, give yourself a nice bath and a calm environment with a piece of soft music playing in the background. Indulge in activities that give you peace of mind, be it yoga, meditation, a makeover or anything that allows you to focus on yourself.

Adopt a hobby

If you find it cumbersome to come up with an idea for every me-time ritual, then the best way is to adopt a hobby. A hobby is something which you do that gives you peace and joy. Let it be singing, dancing, gardening, sketching, stitching whatever that pleases you. Adopting a hobby lets you go into a different world of serenity and calm.

Journal your journey

Journaling is a great way to tune into yourself and appreciate your tiny achievements and learn from your slip ups. Putting your journey on paper helps you understand the circumstances you have been in, how you reacted to them and what improvements you would like to make. Some even say that journaling is comparable to meditating.

In today's cut-throat world, everybody is running their own race. But every me time allows you to push the breaks and allows you to rethink whether you are running in the right direction!

(Written by S. Shruthi Darshini)

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