Masala 21 on B T Road offers amazingly flavoured Indian dishes that sit light on the palate and gut

Sleek yet intricate, the interior oozes amber warmth

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  23rd September 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd September 2022 12:00 AM

Masala 21

Five minutes off Chiria More, Masala 21 has come up as one of the most visited restaurants for families looking for a relaxing Indian retreat with quality food that covers traditional offerings from different states in our country. Sleek yet intricate, the interior oozes amber warmth on ebony table tops paired with wooden, cushioned chairs with a woven backrest. The walls put up a classy contrast of white and bottle green, with photographs capturing daily city life adorning the walls alongside hand painted wall-plate mementos. The cutlery and napkin reflect the signature hues mentioned above.



As we settled for lunch at the bistro on one of these afternoons, we were welcomed by the owners Priyadarshini Hakim and Aditya Jaiswal who explained to us their idea of Masala 21. “Through this restaurant we wish to bridge the gap between a roadside dhaba and a fine dining restaurant. To put it clearly, we want families to come in and enjoy comfort offerings at a pocket friendly price range yet experience the hygiene and space of a fine dining restaurant,” shares Aditya.


Owners Priyadarshini Hakim and Aditya Jaiswal


A scrumptious array of dishes left us spoilt for choice but we were particularly astounded to not find ourselves feeling stuffy after a hearty, rich Indian meal. Kicking off with Non Vegetarian Kebab Platter that consists of familiar yet juicy bites of Fish Ajwani Tikka, Mutton Galawti Kebab, Hare Patta ka Murgh Kebab and Chicken Malai Kebab, we moved on to the Maharashtrian specialty Prawn Koliwara that stole our hearts with a crunchy bite filled with fresh notes of curry leaves and black mustard seeds. Adrakh ke Panje too is a foodie’s delight as starters, with perfectly cooked and spiced, creamy fibres of meat falling off the bones.


Adrakh ke Panje 


For the main course, Ulta Tawa Paratha and Gunpowder Naan are our suggestions to bread lovers as both of them offer two distinctive flavours, one sweet and the other spicy. Pair it up with Mix Veg Exotica touching base with a complex range of flavours complementing the other well, or Dilli Wali Butter Chicken for a comfortable, juicy and buttery bite. Dig into a handi of Masala 21 Special Mutton Biryani that’s fragrant and light, topped with caramelised onions and more than one piece of succulent mutton.



House made Gulab Jamun and Firni should be the perfect curtain call on this gustatory ride.




Price for two: Rs. 700

Pictures by Anindya Saha