Organure creates organic potting soil to aid gardening in urban areas

Helmed by youngster Anas Nasser, the firm enhances cocopeat through bioreactions and natural additives

Jose Joy Published :  01st December 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st December 2017 06:00 AM

The city has witnessed a surge of interest in terrace gardening and kitchen farming in the last couple of years. Advocates of the activity include people who are fed-up with pesticide-ridden vegetables and even architects who incorporate green elements in their interiors. But, very few have addressed the lack of availability of fertile soil within the urban conglomerate. Aluva-based Anas Nasser’s soil substitute, Organure, brings a feasible solution to the issue, rooted in traditional farming methods.
“I was always interested in the manufacturing sector and realized the potential of organic potting soil in the international market through my own research. While most people use cocopeat as a cultivation medium, we enhance this through bioreactions and natural additives,” says Anas.

Styled to need
This management graduate started his affair with the production industry through carbon products like biochar and coconut shell charcoal. It’s during his struggles to get loans from the government for entrepreneurship that he learned about the possibilities of cocopeat, a substance available in plenty in the land of coconuts. Setting out into his own experimental learning style, he mastered the technique of converting the raw material into biofertilizer from Central Coir Research Institute, Kalavoor, Alappuzha.

“We filter the peat to fine particles and subject them to bioreaction through bacterial action. After composting for 10 days, we add other ingredients to make our products,” says the 26-year-old, who has devised separate mixes for native and international clientele. Kochi’s terrace farmers can opt for their fertile mix which contains powdered goat manure and marothi seed dust. Interior garden enthusiasts, who prefer beautified versions, can opt for Organure’s fancier blends which contain seaweed extracts, perlite or vermiculite. 

Support structure
Alongside his experiments with soil replacement, Anas has also developed efficient garden designs for scanty spaces. He creates vertical garden pouches and pipe-based paraphernalia which can be used for raising vegetables and plants. He also strives to create awareness on how people can utilise minimal spaces by setting up kitchen gardens and even supplying seeds. 
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