How Diwali can empower your living space with good energy and usher in new beginnings

The festival of lights can be a great start to makeover the feng shui and décor in your home
How Diwali can empower your living space with good energy and usher in new beginnings

Darkness is ignorance, light is a metaphor of knowledge, energy and hope. Hence the festival of lights, Deepavali or Diwali holds a lot of significance. The festival of lights empowers our living space with energy, growth opportunities and ushers new beginnings. It is only prudent that one gets prepared to make use of the opportunities coming their way by transforming their life, luck and environment. 

Adapting feng shui, the Chinese art of space alignment, it is possible to push away stagnation and usher in new energy which is beneficial, harmonious and supportive.  Adding a touch of this oriental science we could make this Deepavali not only colourful and joyous, but also utilise it as a key to unlock our desires, dreams and aspirations. 

Home décor, colours and lights bringing in new artifacts, a makeover of your personal wardrobe or just adding few feng shui décor tips can enhance the energy of the home and the individual and bring about the desired changes you aspire.

Here are six simple feng shui tips to make this Diwali brighter and better:

•  Use of lights is the key to activating good energy in a space. Lighting earthen lamps which in the feng shui productive cycle of elements implies fire producing earth, symbolises the strengthening of relationship luck and also brings in rejuvenating energy. Decorating the home and the foyer with handmade lanterns in shades of red and yellow or lighting coloured earthen lamps is auspicious.

•  The front entrance is a powerful gathering place for positive energy that supports the well-being of you, your family and visitors. Make it delightful this Diwali by revitalising your front door with colours. Place greeters on either side of the front door to lift the spirits of your home. 

•  Enjoy good luck and prosperity that sets just outside your main door by placing shiny brass or bronze pots filled with small pebbles and rocks painted gold. Heap them into the pot and strew some artificial gem stones, diamond-cut glass beads and shine light onto them, they exude yang energy.

•  To attract positive chi into your environment, place a healthy potted plant with shiny, round green leaves in a gold-coloured pot in your home. The green leaves representing wood signify growth and the gold coloured pot sprouts this new growth in your life.  

• Crystals representing the Earth element not only calm the mind, but ensure that the aura is strengthened when worn as jewellery. Quartz crystals are known to bring good luck and positive energy. Try rose quartz or clear crystal quartz as necklace pendants or bracelets to lift your personal chi and keep your spirits high on the day of festivities. You could also display a gem tree made of jade at the East to simulate the same feel.

•  To attract good luck and fortune into your life, the chi needs to be able to flow freely around your living environment. Cleanse and clear all clutter from your home or work environment and even better, if you can, donate to charity or the needy as it is not just generosity, but also creating space for new things to enter your life and home.

Adapting just a few of the time tested tips feng shui offers, one can brighten up the home and their lives this festive season. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Deepavali.

(The writer is an accredited master feng shui consultant, bio-energetician and traditional vaastu practitioner.)

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