These fans have in-built speakers so you can turn up the volume and literally 'chill' at the same time!

Fanzart’s designer fans have in-built speakers, multi-colour LED settings and crystals from Austria!

While most of us are scrambling to get our A/Cs serviced, with the summer heat upon us — here is a company that is redefining the humble ceiling fan. Fanzart, which recently opened its first store in Chennai, boasts models with an in-built JBL speaker (Melody)  which can be connected to any Bluetooth device. “The best part is that no one will know where the music is coming from,” says Bengaluru-based founder Anil Lala with a laugh. And if you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your living room — there are a number of options that come with the aesthetic appeal of a chandelier (like the Cherry) with crystals imported from Austria. Anil shares, much to our surprise, “When switched off, the blades are not visible at all!”

Did we mention these innovative creations have been picked up by everyone from Hrithik Roshan to 
Anil Kumble? 

<em>Bladeless - Moon</em>
Bladeless - Moon

Hush hush R&D 
What started as a single store in Bengaluru nine years ago, has expanded to 40 outlets across India so far, bringing with it massive innovation, with what is possible in the luxury fan market. Although when asked about the R&D for new technology in the pipeline, Lala tells us that his lips are sealed, “Let that be a secret. Our competitors are all ears.” 

And we can tell he isn’t kidding around when the director of Fanzart gives us a glimpse of their 
expansion plans. “We want to expand to a 100 stores by 2021,” he says confidently. 


Whisper quiet
For the moment, look out for 12 categories with as many as 89 models — that include vintage wooden finishes, false ceiling — recessed, floral and outdoor and mist options. Even more impressive are features that include ‘whisper quiet technology’ — meaning fans with noiseless blades, multi-colour LED settings to match your mood and seasonal modes. He elaborates, “Blade technology is one the most unique USPs of our fans. They can rotate clockwise (bringing cool breeze for the summer) or anti-clockwise (hot air for the winter)!” 

Also, most of these fans come remote control-operated, because in 2019, wall switches are so passé...
Rs 12,000 upwards. | @brightasunshine

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