Here are 7 ways you can incorporate gold into your home

This Akshaya Tritiya, go beyond the jewellery trend, and explore how the yellow metal can transition across form into furniture and architecture

Go for gold... not really the words that usually come to mind when you’re dressing your house. But there, you have it. While we all agree that minimalism is the current interior trend, metallic accents are having their moment. Gold along with its lustrous siblings — copper and brass — can add an interesting dimension to your interiors, if used elegantly. "You can infuse instant warmth with small-but-statement touches just made for this shining season. Contrary to popular notion, including touches of gold into your home needn't be an extravagant affair. In fact, in smaller doses, gold elevates and complements every colour palette, adding a touch of regal in its wake," says Sussanne Khan, Style Editor- The Label Life. This Akshaya Tritiya, here are some easy ways to make a lavish statement by introducing some lustre into your living spaces. 

Visual basics

The Up Balloon coffee table round from UK-based design studio, Duffy London, works on the concept of levitation and is a visually engaging addition to a contemporary home setting. A play on trompe l’oeil (a painting technique used to create three-dimensional images), this piece offers the illusion of weightlessness, where the clear glass top is supported by gold-plated balloons. This limited edition table is made-to-order and can be your pièce de résistance. Rs 5,23,142 approximately. 

Ulterior motifs

Cosy and chic; cushions are not just a comfortable solution, but allow you to upgrade your interiors without having to redecorate completely.  This Gandharan era-inspired cushion from Good Earth borrows designs from the silk route of the ancient Indian subcontinent and reflects the convergence of cultures along the silk trail through its Buddhist motifs and imagery. Layered with ikat gold foil highlights that are printed on tussar silk, these cushions can be paired or contrasted with a variety of styles. Rs 3,200. 

Light years

The Flute Torchiere table lamp is from the Andromeda collection by Russian-designer Ekaterina Elizarova. Inspired by constellations, the patterns on this light fixture’s marble base mimic an outer space narrative. Designed using Marquina black marble, transparent glass and gold-plated brass, this uplight lamp can be used both as a solo bedside table lamp or as part of the Andromeda designer lighting collection ensemble. Available online. Price on request.

Sharper objects

Though only a side table, this vintage-inspired piece is sure to take centre stage in any room. A unique design where the semi-circle base seamlessly meets the top ‘T’, this table by Brett Beldoclk is the perfect mix of curvy and sharp edges. If that wasn’t enough, this curved side table’s finished with gold leaf makes it a standout, for sure. Rs 40,000.

Glass act

If you are not ready to commit to an entire piece of golden furniture, this cranberry-coloured centrepiece with a solid gold rim from Taherally might do the trick. Featuring French motifs, the handcrafted gold leaf gilding on this glass chalice is accented by pockets of blue-grey and sets the tone for the rest of your space. Think of styling your room with chic faux furs, buttery leathers and soft velvets. Price on request.

Circling back

In this case, small is big. This brass and gold round mirror by Luxxu McQueen will fit in perfectly with a mix of other luxe décor. Make this the centrepiece of your entryway, allowing you a glimpse of yourself before walking out of the door. Handcrafted, the foliage along the circumference is made of hammered brass, finished with gold leaf and comes studded with Swarovski crystals. This art deco piece also comes with six halogen bulbs, offering the perfect lighting for last-minute touch-ups. Rs 4,69,703. 

Animal instinct

Celebrating the iconic patterns and emblems of its fashion line, the Roberto Cavalli Home collection of armchairs is pure jungle luxe. Star of the collection, this Snake Chair is designed with two golden serpents as its armrests, while the golden-hued leather upholstery underscores the Italian designer’s love for exotic animal prints. Illustrating a classic silhouette, this sofa is a statement piece of furniture. Available at Gauri Khan Designs, Mumbai. Price on request.

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