Make your home a magnet to attract growth in your finances and friendships in 2020

Vital tips to empower your space
A balanced setting empowered by your intentions will attract and ease the flow of positive energy
A balanced setting empowered by your intentions will attract and ease the flow of positive energy

Feng Shui synchronises the surroundings and stimulates us with positive energy, allowing us to live at our fullest potential. The energy within should resonate with the cosmic energy.

Feng shui lays down practical guidelines that enable you to select good property and property whose chi is not afflicted and the luck not blocked by harmful structures and contains vibrant yang energy. Feng shui in short enables you to custom design your ‘luck’ and makes you move towards your aspirations by fine tuning the chi around you and harmonising and balancing it.

Property for prosperity
From a feng shui perspective we can discern various kinds of property, some, which possess intrinsic good energy and fortunes, which benefits everyone’s life. There are certain areas and neighborhoods, which tend to have better feng shui and prosperity than other neighbourhoods. The effect ofone’s surroundings and the layout or planning of the locality is the key to this kind of prosperity. 

The compass
The principles applied in Feng Shui have similarities with the laws and theories of Physics. In feng shui, importance is given to directions based on the compass, (Lo Pan), which is tuned to the planetary 
magnetic field. This helps to determine the ‘Lines of Forces’ similar to Faraday’s field of force. The principle of yin and yang follows from the fact that everything in the universe is shaped by two cosmic forces, known as yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy). 

In other words, feng shui follows the Law of Conservation, which says that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed. Therefore by using feng shui, we transform the energy around us to our benefit and bring fortune in the place where we live.

The essence of feng shui is a harmonious relationship between you, the spaces within which you live, and the environment. A balanced setting empowered by your intentions and goals will attract and 
ease the flow of positive energy into many facets of our lives: career, friends and supporters, creativity, partnership, wealth, family, relationships, knowledge and health.Here are few vital feng shui tips to empower your thoughts and home:

A few vital tips to empower your thoughts and home:
◆  Avoid sitting under a beam at work or while studying, this will hamper your progress and cause illness.
◆ Always keep toilet seats down and toilet doors closed when not in use.
◆ Avoid sleeping under a beam, it would be best to move your bed if you are in this position.
◆ Don’t give your date or lover deep red flowers, as this indicates that 
the relationship will soon end. Red roses are especially bad, because they have thorns too.
◆ Avoid sleeping with your head directly facing the bedroom door, as this is called the ‘death position’.
◆ Flame-red and orange flowers bring wonderful yang energy into the home, and are great energisers for the south sector.
◆ Keep your wastepaper basket out of sight (or in a discreet corner) and covered, if possible, as they are deemed to symbolise bad luck.
◆ Display a pair of cranes in the living room to ensure good health for your parents.

(The writer is an accredited Master Feng Shui Consultant, Bio-energetician and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner)

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