Jaipur Rugs X Shantanu Garg set to launch on May 5

The collection of 12 rugs will launch on their social media handles
The Khwabgah carpet
The Khwabgah carpet

Jaipur Rugs announced the launch of their collaboration with noted interior designer Shantanu Garg. Called Concoction, it is a collection with 12 different designs, all inspired by the architectural heritage of India, with influences from the Bauhaus movement and the Ottoman empire.

Set to launch on Jaipur Rugs’ Instagram and Facebook handles on May 5, the rugs are woven and hand-knotted for interesting textural elements. It has a pixelated effect. Geometric shapes of chevron, stucco and mosaic work are softened through the use of arabesque detailing and calligraphic art. The imagery includes grand arches, high ceilings, detailed niches, intricately detailed floorings and the layout of communal spaces. 

The Baori carpet
The Baori carpet

“I was born and raised amidst heritage that has influenced my vision for this collection. I’ve always found Mughal and Byzantine structures quite monumental and clean, and almost everything from those eras transports me across India, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. What inspires me a lot is not just the romance between the eras, but also the idea that so much love might have evolved out of their long and eventful histories. I feel very strongly connected to their architecture and more than the detail, it’s the visibility of the blend that stays with me. My favourite designs from the collection are Salat, Firdaus, Pol, and Baori,” says Shantanu. 

Yogesh Chaudhary, Director, Jaipur Rugs, says, “We work with artisans of the carpet industry who regard their skills of the hand - inherited as family legacy, and/or practiced - as a soul-calling, not just a profession. These skills are so unique, and infused with such a personal touch that they cannot be imitated, but they can be given new dimensions. Concoction will always be a special collection for us, because it shows that the resilience of the artisanal spirit is so pure and strong, that it’s able to adapt itself to modern technology, and communicate in the ‘language of the times.'”

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