Lifestyle brand Ellementry’s new glassware collection is, quite literally, functional art!

The brand’s new collection is no different—sustainable glassware that looks good and does good

author_img   |   Published :   |  08th May 2022 09:22 PM
Glassware from Ellementry

Glassware from Ellementry

Why use regular glassware when you can get these? Elementary, my dear reader, just check out Ellementry! Yes, spell that a bit differently and you get a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products that within just a year of its launch has transformed many a home with its unique aesthetics, inspired by the elements. By incorporating natural materials, traditional skills and local narratives into beautiful and functional products, Ellementry has clearly redefined the way we look (and spell) everyday objects.

The brand’s new collection is no different—sustainable glassware that looks good and does good. A true expression of indulgence and refinement, these include airtight storage jars, roti boxes with wooden lids and glass bottles composed of high-quality handblown glass that are completely food-safe.

The range of glass bottles come with wooden and ceramic stoppers. And besides storing and serving water, they can also be used for milk or juices. Then there’s the ‘Eve’ glass oil and vinegar bottle set which is a great way to add flavour to your preparation. Besides, the wooden bottle stoppers will keep the oil and vinegar fresh and intact. There are also storage jars that are stackable and ideal for storing chutneys, dry fruits and what have you.

Though they’re called roti boxes, these are not just for storing rotis, and can be used to store various other items such as sweets, cookies and more. While the ‘Meissa’ roti box wooden lid has hand-engraved flowers on the wooden top, the ‘Keya’ roti box’s lid has hand-painted flowers inspired by cherry blossoms. It also comes with a food-safe enamel coating.

Available in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kochi and Bengaluru. Besides its online portal,