Let your home exude summer vibes

Running out of ideas to give your interiors a facelift this season? Incorporate these unique ideas suggested by three designers from Delhi 

author_img Dyuti Roy Published :  09th May 2022 01:03 PM   |   Published :   |  09th May 2022 01:03 PM
A few samples of interior designs

A few samples of interior designs for summer by Payal Kapoor.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of summer? For us, it is the thought of the blazing sun and a time of new beginnings. Moving away from the grey winter, it is a season to brighten up, not just your wardrobes but also your houses. “In this heat, dark hues in homes will have a negative effect,” says interior designer Payal Kapoor from Safdarjung Enclave.

She recommends bright colours such as sea green, white, canary yellow, and lavender to keep the house light and summery. Interior designer Rubina Dhankar from Gurugram, who is the founder of the brand Rubina along with Himanshu Yadav, agrees, “One can use pastel cushions or lilac-coloured lamp shades at home. Add artificial flowers and shift to dhurries with lighter fabrics. These small things can change existing spaces,” she shares. Amardeep Gulri (41), founder and principal designer for East of Kailash-based design firm Deco-Arte, adds, “Rattan accessories have become popular. Adding rattan trays with scented candles can be refreshing.”

In recent times, people are adding different forms of home decor accessories to liven up spaces. “Smaller changes are important. It is the accessories that make for a prettier space,” shares Dhankar. 

Go green 
Houseplants are currently a trending home accessory. In response to fast-growing high- rise, many try to add a touch of green to their living spaces. Dhankar shares how one of her clients wanted a chandelier with money plants on it. Gulri adds, “Post COVID-19, people have been spending more time at home so they are trying to get the outdoor vibe indoors.” 

For those looking for eco-conscious decor, Gulri recommends upcycling furniture. “Simple things like changing the upholstery can go a long way or one can create new decor out of waste.” A good way to go is to use wicker basketsand cane furniture. “With this, the space will look pretty while also being completely eco-friendly,” adds Dhankar. 

Changing spaces 
With companies introducing the work-from-home policy, there has been a need to have multifunctional spaces at home. Multifunctional furniture in the form of sofa bed, study units that fold up to minimise space, among others can be interesting choices. Kapoor explains that many couples have started having designated work spaces in their homes. “This help couples share a space without encroaching on each other’s privacy”

Declutter and refresh 
Refreshing one’s home decor is also a good way of starting anew. “Minimal decor is in trend. It does not make sense to stuff places with unnecessary elements,” shares Kapoor. Gulri concludes, “If you have a bright house, you’ll look forward to going back to it. A home is where you relax and your decor should always be such that helps you do that.”