Ochre at Home's Monsoon Art Show offers artistic options

Curated by Pinky Agarwal and Shweta Arya this month-long show showcases a vast variety of work by talented artists

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  28th July 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th July 2023 12:00 AM

Parijaat Kanhai's painting

The ongoing Monsoon Art Show presented by Ochre at Home and curated by Pinky Agarwal and Shweta Arya is not just another art exhibition you can afford to miss. What makes this month-long show special is the vast variety of work that’s on display by several talented artists of repute. “Just like the monsoon depicts different moods of the weather with sunny, cloudy, rainy and gloomy days through the season, our show too showcases all kinds of work ranging from contemporary to spiritual. You can find something as ornate and intricate as a Srinathji painting or a very contemporary series of cards by an artist,” says co-curator of the show Pinky Agarwal, who is deeply involved in the field of arts for the past two decades.

Pinky Agarwal
Pinky Agarwal

The exhibition has stunning 70-80 exquisite works by such greats from the world of arts including Seema Kohli, Parijaat Kanhai, Bratin Khan, Jagannath Paul, Umakanth Kanade, Subrata Paul and Chandan Roy.

 “Monsoon is the season when the holy month begins. Ochre At Home has curated this Art Show to spread positivity through the curation that is inspired mostly by Hindu mythology. There is so much Indianness in the entire collection that creates a sense of holiness and positivity,” says Shweta. 

Shweta Arya
Shweta Arya

Shweta also tells us that the works of young artist Parijaat Kanhai are especially noteworthy for their intricate details. Hailing from a family of reputed artists in Vridavan, Parijaat grew up watching her grandfather Padma Shri Kanhai Chitrakar playing with brushes and canvases. She learned the skills from her father, artist Govind Kanhai and she depicts the two most vital things Love and Equality. She loves portraying Lord Krishna through her imagination and her impromptu thoughts led her to create some masterpieces of surrealism.

The show offers a mixed bag of sculptures, art, objet d’ art and sculptural furniture. These are very compatible in today’s urban homes and even commercial places. Every piece of art that has been curated has some aspect of universal being one way or another. 

Parijaat Kanhai
Parijaat Kanhai

“Our collection of sculptures is equally unique and is difficult to find under one roof. We have curated various artists such as Subrata Paul, Prabir Ray, Pradip Sur, Chandan Roy, Seema Kohli and Divyendu Anand. All the sculptures that are curated have different stories to narrate,” Pinky adds.

Post this show which ends on August 15, Pinky is planning to do a show in Dubai next year in March in Art Dubai.

The show is on at 83/2/1 Topsia Road South from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm except Sundays.