Six DIY ideas to upcycle trash at home

Grab those old mugs, rummage through your wardrobe and get ready to breathe new life into your pre-loved possessions!
Image used for representational purpose
Image used for representational purpose

Tired of throwing things away? Upcycling isn't just about saving the planet, it's about unleashing your inner creative genius! We explore six unexpected ways to transform discards into stunning home decor. So grab those old mugs, rummage through your wardrobe and get ready to breathe new life into your pre-loved possessions!

1. Tyre chic

Give worn tyres a chic second life! Stack and secure them for a unique industrial-style coffee table by placing a glass top or a wooden top. For comfy seating, stack two tyres with a wooden base, then top with plush cushions. To make them shine, paint the tyres or wrap them in rope for a rustic touch. With a little creativity, these recycled rounds become statement pieces for your home.

2. Plumb perfect

Leaky pipes? Clogged sinks? Don't toss them! Pipes and tanks make quirky planters. Cap the ends, mount them vertically and fill with colourful blooms or plug the drain, add potting soil and plant a cascading vine. Even a porcelain throne gets a new life: detach the tank, add drainage and create a whimsical planter for your favorite flowers.

3. Shelf life

Give your well-loved books a shelf life! Stack several hardcovers horizontally, securing them with sturdy brackets. Mount them directly to the wall for a 'floating bookcase' effect. Alternatively, create bookends with additional books and prop them on a flat surface. This clever display lets your favourite reads become the foundation for new literary discoveries.

4. Mugs on duty 

Don't throw those chipped mugs. Drill a hole in the base (ensuring it's secure) and mount them with screws for quirky towel holders in the bathroom or kitchen. For hanging ladles, choose wider mugs and secure them under cabinets with strong adhesive hooks. These repurposed mugs add a touch of personality while keeping towels and utensils within easy reach.

5. Stitched memories

Don't let outgrown clothes or fabric scraps gather dust. Cut squares or unique shapes from your treasures, then sew them together in a patchwork design. Layer the top with a cosy batting and backing fabric. Simple straight stitches or a bit of quilting add texture. This heartfelt quilt becomes a comforting reminder of cherished moments, perfect for snuggling or displaying.

6. Grater space

Repurpose that rusty grater! Mount it vertically with screws, creating pockets for small succulents or herbs. The rough surface adds drainage. Spray paint it for a pop of color! You could also secure it under cabinets with sturdy hooks to hang towels on the front, while the grater's openings become handy ladle holders. It's a space-saving solution with a touch of industrial chic.

(Written by Namitha Acharya)