Comic Kunal Rao will tickle your funny bone with his show Done on Amazon 

Airing from today, Kunal Rao will make you laugh at his existential crisis
Kunal Rao
Kunal Rao

Relinquishing his role as a Chartered Accountant, Kunal Rao donned the hat of a comedian, after watching his friend Sorabh Pant, open for popular comic Vir Das in an event in 2009. Known for his shows Holy Krao and It's Not Okay, the funny-man reaches a milestone in his career. Excited about his show Done on Amazon, Rao talks about his inspiration, making people crack on his existential crisis and more. Excerpts:

Tell us about your show Done.

‘Done’ is a stand-up comedy special that was created during a mid-life crisis as I was nearing the age of 40. The show tries to capture the fact that for most of the time, we have no idea what we’re doing! The show is relatable, sometimes silly, occasionally dark and intermittently thought-provoking.

How excited you are, given that it’s your first show on a web platform?

Yes! I’m very excited. The treatment of the show is a bit risky so I’m curious to see the public’s response. Also, this show is overdue by about two years, so that adds to the anticipation. It will release in over 100 countries on Amazon Prime Video.

How will it be different from your earlier shows?

We’ve treated Done more like a film, keeping the feel intimate and personal, which is the opposite of how most people see stand-up. There are a few personal anecdotes that lead me to dig deep into my own experiences, dipping in and out of existential questions like “What are we doing with our lives?.”

What is your style of comedy?

My style has evolved over the years. I’m much calmer and personal now with a relaxed delivery style. But my content continues to be observational. I just prefer to use them to explore more philosophical questions. However, I still like to hit classic topics like dating, generation-gap and bad driving.

Who do you follow in the circuit?

Everyone and no one. I enjoy watching international acts like Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr and British panel shows like The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

What's next?

More stand up. Also, I am hoping for a tour abroad and come back to India with renewed vigour.

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