Elevate those senses with five sensory immersive yoga

With blindfolds and live acoustics, this yoga session helps you tune in to you
Elevate those senses with five sensory immersive yoga

Whether it is Ashtanga, Iyengar or sweat-it-out power yoga, the array of options that you have while considering to take up yoga is enough to scare newbies off the mat. For those who have ever considered trying something unconventional that go outside the normal sun salutation,  this one’s for you. Yoga instructor Divya Srinivasan of Rutland gate studio will lead a five sensory yoga experience planned this weekend.  The event is in collaboration with Local XO, a platform for a range of different experiences in the city. This 90-minute long yoga workshop is aimed at increasing mindfulness by leading the mind and body into an immersive practice for all the five senses.

Divya Srinivasan
Divya Srinivasan

“Our aim is to target each sense of the human body, whether it is vision, touch, sound, taste or touch. It is going to be a class where each participant can mindfully tune into each of their senses,” shares Ishani Appayya, the founder of the Rutland gate studio. Unlike the usual yoga
workshops which concentrate more on the physical aspect of wellness, the sensory yoga has elements of fitness, detox and spirituality- all combined into one. Besides, the highlight of the workshop is the live acoustics in the background performed by renowned Carnatic musician Ranjani Sivakumar.“When there is a sound in the room, you tune out all your other thoughts ensuring that you are focussed in the class,” says Ishani about the significance of music in the workshop.

Ranjani Sivakumar
Ranjani Sivakumar

The class is a mix of various sessions as part of which the participants are blindfolded first, depriving them of vision because of which they will have to listen carefully to the instructions. And towards the end of the class, a brief session of forehead and shoulder massage with aromatic oils will be held followed by a light south Indian meal preceded by a chant for being mindful of the food that is about to be consumed. “When your eyes are closed during the massage, you focus more on the senses of smell and touch. Also, a lot of us these days, don't really think about the food that we are eating, what is in it or how it goes into the body. Here, while you eat in silence, you are actually feeling the taste, being mindful about the whole activity of eating,” Ishani added.

On July 29. At Rutland Gate Studio: 5/11 Rutland Gate, 4th Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Registration at `1200 (all inclusive)18 seats available (ages 16 and above)

4.30pm onwards

Details: localxo.com

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