Four yoga asanas for healthy skin and lustrous hair

This World Yoga Day, heal yourself from within for healthy skin and hair
Shraddha Iyer
Shraddha Iyer

Hair fall and skin ailments are an age-old issue that haunts every generation of women. Be it acne, dullness and wrinkles on your skin or hair fall and dandruff, we all have been a victim of these common problems. Though there are a plethora of quick hacks available online like our grandmothers used to say - unless you fix a problem from inside, it's going to come back. “No matter how advanced our products get, our bodies have remained the same over generations. Given the lifestyle we have today, a lot of our physical problems are caused by it. The most common ones of them being stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. While we have learnt to push ourselves to the brink of effectiveness, our bodies start showing signs of wanting to slow down, eat healthier, be more active. An easy, simple way to begin correcting your health from within is Yoga,” stresses Shraddha Iyer, Master Yoga Trainer, Sarva & Diva Yoga.

Yoga asanas and Pranayama have countless benefits that go beyond the ones you can see. Regular practice of asanas helps increase the blood circulation in your body, including that to your face and your head, allowing these parts of your body to naturally benefit from the oxygen you’re giving them. So here are some asanas you can include in your daily routine to infuse some lush back in your hair and some glow into your skin:

Matsyasana or the Fish Pose

Matsyasana is a reclining backbend that helps those with constant backaches, anxiety & fatigue. It’s also known as ‘the destroyer of diseases’ Regular practise of this pose helps increase blood circulation and hormonal balance, which can often be a cause for skin and hair problems


Plow Pose or Halasana is an excellent pose to help you sleep better. The pose allows blood to flow to your face and head, relaxing your mind and allowing your skin to breathe. It’s also a reliever of stress, fatigue, backache and insomnia.

Child’s Pose

A classic resting pose, Balasana is super effective in helping you relax and unwind. The position of this pose allows blood and oxygen to flow to your brain, calming and relaxing it. Child’s Pose is also a super easy one which you can do anytime, anywhere.


It goes without saying that your breath controls your mind and keeps a check on how stressed you are, thus directly affecting how much it shows on your skin and hair. Meditate or practice Pranayamas even for a short period of time every day and it can go a long way in clearing out your skin, improving hair growth and your overall mental state.

Apart from the asanas and breathing techniques, it's also super important to pay close attention to your nutrition. The food for your body is also the food for your skin and hair. So ensure you include nutrient-dense foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, practice the above-given asanas regularly, stay hydrated and most importantly, be happy!

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