World Yoga Day special: Five mobile apps to help you learn yoga the right way

Download any of these mobile applications and learn yoga at home
5 Minute Yoga App
5 Minute Yoga App

Practising Yoga is an easy and yet a complex task. For those who are already into the discipline would agree when we say that the right posture and pose and many other factors need to be kept in mind for optimum effect. And for that, you need a trainer. But not everyone wants to invest in a trainer. For them, there are multiple applications. We bring you a list of 5 apps that will help practice yoga with safety and at the comfort of your home.

Fittr – This Pune-based fitness startup, Fittr (formerly known as SQUATS Fitness Pvt. Ltd.) is the largest online fitness company that provides professional assistance for all fitness and health goals. Launched in January 2016, FITTR has been serving millions of customers with the right knowledge and tools and helping them live a healthy lifestyle. Today, FITTR has 200+ consultants on board and recorded 1,00,000 fitness transformation stories that are increasing every day. The first milestone of the brand was the launch of their app - FITTR in 2018, which empowers people to provide the right knowledge in order to attain fitness & health goals. The app offers smooth experience at a free subscription and is an effective choice people can make to get fit on a budget. The app witnessed 6,20,000 downloads to date and today it’s a community of more than 8,00,000 members. 

Daily Yoga App: The Yoga Daily app is for all people, whether you are a beginner or advanced. This yoga app has more than 200 yoga classes and 500+ poses with detailed voice instructions. The app has scheduled plans for boot camp, body toning, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, menstruation, body detox, meditation, etc. Here you will get step by step instructions for all yoga asanas. The app is available worldwide in 7 languages that are English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French. The app offers in-app purchase but some classes are available for free.

Yoga Studio: The yoga studio app is for all; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It has more than 80 Ready-made yoga and meditation classes in full HD video. You can create your own list of yoga and track your fitness growth with daily, weekly class scheduling. With this app, you can focus on your strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, or a combination of all four. The app offers an in-app purchase. some videos are available for free but you have to pay for full access. Curefit is an app-based service provider that aims to address preventive healthcare through a combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery using a mix of online and offline channels. Currently, live offers live fitness classes across formats such as strength, dance, boxing, HIIT, HRX, S&C, and yoga on all days of the week. These live classes are also amenable to users across different fitness levels and do not require any equipment. also offers live guided meditation, sessions, cooking sessions, podcasts as well as talks with experts on various topics related to health and fitness. After an initial 14-day free trial, customers will be given access to limited videos for free, and the rest will be charged. Users will also be given the option to choose between three-month, six-month, and 12-month packages. 

5-minute Yoga: The yoga tools from Sadhguru app for Android and iOS will make sure you no longer give the excuse of not having enough time to dedicate to practising yoga. Designed by Sadhguru, this app is based on the science of Upa-Yoga which is focused on physical and psychological benefits derived from the discipline. All you have to do is take out only five minutes every day to practice from a set of seven five-minute Upa-Yoga practices. The app also offers guidelines and explanatory videos to help you do the asanas right. The app includes guided instruction videos with demos and explanations for each of the seven practices. The videos are available offline too, so once downloaded, the app needs no internet connection.

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