Share 'yoga goals' with celebs like Malaika Arora and Mira Kapoor in new live workout series

Sarva's 'Achieve' programme has top celebrity yoga practitioners conduct live sessions online

author_img   |   Published :   |  07th August 2021 04:16 PM

Malaika Arora

This collaborative yoga platform encourages you to do asanas alongside your favourite celebrities. And we don't mean pre-recorded, but live!

The app, Sarva, which provides a curated yoga-based wellness ecosystem recently launched 'Achieve' - a space for celebrity yoga enthusiasts to create goal-based workshops. The first session in the series was conducted by Malaika Arora and this was followed by a class with Mira Kapoor. Expect more in the pipeline hosted by popular celebrities like Rakulpreet Singh, as well as widely-followed content creators.


Malaika Arora in Vrikshasana or Tree Pose 


Malaika Arora, co-founder, Sarva, talks about personalizing the yoga experience with this initiative. “Achieve will make a greater impact as it features various techniques that have worked for me as well as for my friends and colleagues in the industry who will be conducting these live sessions. I am glad to share techniques that worked for me,  with the world and hope that more people across the globe use the power of yoga to live positively and be healthy.”

Apart from the aspirational aspect of working out in real-time alongside celebrities, founder Sarvesh Shashi tells us that the idea behind this is to also focus on a more human connection with participants. "They (celebrities) will now share their personal yoga journeys, favourite routines, and techniques," he shares about what is in store for the programme. Like wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, Mira Kapoor, for instance, who talks about how post-pregnancy, yoga did wonders for her lower back pain. "I tried all sorts of remedies and routines. But I realized what I needed was to ‘be healthy, feel healthy’ from within. This was more than just weight loss for me, and I decided to turn to yoga. Yoga cured me of my chronic back pain, sorted my gut issues and even helped with regularising my hormones!" she says. Mira adds that sharing the tips and tricks that worked for her with a larger audience is an opportunity she wants to make the most of.

She sums it up best with this: "We have solutions for people like you and me. Real bodies with real problems and real solutions.”

Next Achieve series slated between August 30 to September 3. Conducted on Zoom. Expect a five-day workshop priced at INR 499 per person. More details on Sarva's Instagram.