Fitness Head of Skulpt Fitness Kolkata talks about Get Fit With Indulge

Get Fit with Indulge is a competitive activity between four gym facilities in Kolkata

author_img   |   Published :   |  13th January 2023 12:00 AM

Prosenjit Biswas

Prosenjit Biswas, head of fitness at the popular gym Skulpt Fitness Kolkata shares with us his perception of Get Fit with Indulge- a competitive activity between four popular gym facilities in the city where participants can take part across four categories namely Wall Sit, Plank, Burpees and Arm Wrestling. Prasenjit also shares expert tips on weight training, and workout regimes for beginners.

Tell us about the competition Get Fit with Indulge and how is Skulpt involved with this?

The competition isn’t a very difficult one and focuses on cardiovascular and strength aspects of fitness. It definitely encourages participants to take a step towards fitness especially after the extensive party season. We are trying to lay out different sorts of challenges such as arm wrestling, burpees, planks and wall sits which are very much doable but will also simultaneously make the participants feel challenged. Activities like Wall Sits for instance involve lower body conditioning movements, which look very easy but as one gets more involved in the competition it will challenge them further.

What are some expert tips that you would like to share with the ones struggling to keep in shape?

Keeping in shape should be a part of one’s lifestyle and cannot happen overnight. We keep getting members who come in only before particular events and occasions, but that is not how one can keep in shape. It is essential to regularly involve in a balanced work-out routine complemented with a balanced diet.

How would you recommend getting back in shape after the party season?

It will not be very difficult for people who were already in practice before the season, but for beginners it will take some time. To begin with one needs to get into some mobility exercises to get rid of the stiffness followed by cardio vascular exercises.

In what ways is weight training important?

Weight training is extremely important as it isn’t always about being able to withhold heavy weights but being able to carry your own body weight as well. Weight training is known as the mother of all fitness regimes for a reason. Lifestyle has become so sedentary nowadays that people tend to not move their bodies much these days. Weight training will not only help them strengthen their muscles but also stabilise their joints in this case.

What are some useful tips for beginners?

Beginners need to kick off by focusing on five components namely muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, body composition consisting of fat and muscle percentages along with flexibility.

Are there ways to weight train at home for people who can’t hit the gym regularly?

As mentioned earlier people need to be comfortable with their own body weights first, which can begin with exercises like push ups, lunges and so on that use one’s own body weight