Rashmi Sachdev and Subhrojyoti Ghosh of Karma Fitness talk about Get Fit with Indulge 

While Rashmi sheds light on Karma’s participation in the competition, Subhrojyoti takes us through some basics of daily fitness regime

author_img   |   Published :   |  20th January 2023 12:00 AM

Rashmi Sachdev and Shubhrojyoti Ghosh of Karma Fitness Studio

As we progress towards the second half of Get Fit with Indulge- a month-long competitive activity held across four city-based gymnasiums, we speak to the owner and managing director of Karma Fitness- Rashmi Sachdev and fitness instructor Subhrojyoti Ghosh. While Rashmi sheds light on Karma’s participation in the competition, Subhrojyoti takes us through some basics of daily fitness regime.

How is Karma Fitness associated with Get Fit with Indulge?

Rashmi: Karma Fitness is a hub for fitness enthusiasts and Get Fit with Indulge is one such competition that only adds to their motivation. The categories that competitors will take part in are quite basic such as Push Ups, Wall Sit and Plank that don’t require them to go through complex preparation regimes. Hence, people across all ages can take part in this competition without a second thought. I look forward to a lot of participants coming in to make it a success. We have a lot of rehabilitation that happens in Karma, and the best part is we have customised the categories as per two age categories- one being below 60, and the other for senior participants above the age of 60.

How are the categories going to technically benefit the competitors?

Subhrojyoti: We have incorporated three types of exercises namely Push Up, Wall Sit and Plank. Wall Sits engage the core of the participant while plank simultaneously engages stability alongside the core. Push Ups help with muscular endurance apart from keeping the core active. All of these are body weighted exercises that can be carried out anywhere as per convenience.

Can people start their fitness journeys from home?

Subhrojyoti: There are multiple body weighted exercises that go beyond push ups, planks and wall sits. An individual can start by incorporating some stretching exercises in their routine to begin with, along with some Yogasanas. Keeping thirty minutes reserved for one’s fitness regime on a daily basis can work wonders. However, we suggest absolute beginners to start with some guidance and supervision so as to do away with any possible mistake or injury. It’s a must for beginners to work on their patience first as they need to start slow and steady. Rushing towards complex regimes won’t help in any way.

Get Fit with Indulge will take place at Karma Fitness (Near Menoka Cinema Hall) on January 22

Pictures by Pritam Sarkar