EXCL: 'I listen to my body,' says Sameera Reddy on building a healthy relationship with food

The former actress-turned-celebrity mom influencer, in an exclusive chat, lets us in on resetting her relationship with food during her pregnancy and indulging in mindful snacking
EXCL: 'I listen to my body,' says Sameera Reddy on building a healthy relationship with food
EXCL: 'I listen to my body,' says Sameera Reddy on building a healthy relationship with food

Mom first, actor-influencer later. This is the mantra that Sameera Reddy, who was last seen in the Kannada film Varadhanayaka (2013) has been swearing by ever since the birth of her first child, a baby boy, Hans Varde in 2015 and then daughter Nyra in 2019.

The mommy of two, who has now turned a celebrity mom influencer after embracing her stretch marks and grey hair on a platform that reduces all body types to right or wrong, recently collaborated with California Pistachios to mark World Pistachio Day and National Snacking Day.

In an exclusive chat, the former actor and model let us in on her career transition, the downsides of dieting, munching on nutrition-dense meals during pregnancy, dealing with post-partum weight gain and more.

You recently talked about eating one idli and black coffee prior to shooting for film songs. In your view, what does healthy snacking look like?

In the past few years, I relied a lot on diets and starved myself to look a certain way on screen, which definitely took a toll on my health. If you go and see, to this day, after becoming a mother of two, I've been very careful and responsible for my health. Today, I prefer to eat smaller meals. I listen to my body rather than just go with what is necessary to eat.

What does ideal snacking look like to you as a young mom who is always on the go and what is your favourite snack?

It feels like yesterday when I was a child and my father incorporated dry fruits or just pistas for daily munching throughout the day.  Little did we know that he is promoting good snacking habits. Just like my dad, I introduced my kids to pistachios at a very early age. When my daughter was over 8 months old, I started smashing pistas and badams in her food. So yes, my 'pista association' has come a long way. Now when my children want to eat something during the day around 4-5 pm when they are tired, instead of giving them something unhealthy, I always bring out dry fruits to snack on.

From actress to celebrity mom influencer, tell us a little about your transition.

When I was an actress, I was pretty much absorbed with myself and what went around me. My universe has changed now because I'm more interested in being healthier and a better person for my children. I am doing what is best for them because they mean the world to me. The transition has been quite in my favour. I never expected myself to be this grounded. 

When you were pregnant, did you ever feel ashamed to give in to your cravings because as an actress society expected you to look a certain way?

I didn't really feel ashamed to give in to my cravings when I was pregnant. Although after I gave birth, I gained a lot of weight which did make me feel slightly conscious. I continued to have a blast, I ate the right snacks and I truly enjoyed it. 

What is your advice to young moms who need nutrition-dense diets all throughout the day? How do you think new moms can improve their relationship with food?

Nutrition is not only necessary when you're pregnant. It's also important after you give birth. Your whole system is deprived of a lot of nutrients while you're holding that baby for nine months. Mindful eating continues even after breastfeeding especially when you have to run around and be very energetic for your toddler. Nutrition just doesn't stop when you're carrying a baby. It is something you owe yourself as a woman; to take care of yourself by eating right.

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