4 Clothing hacks for sticky summer days

Here's how to dress smart and beat the humidity
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Summer’s here and staying cool can be a battle, especially with rising heat. But what if there was a way to combat the heat without air conditioning? The answer might surprise you – it’s all about what you wear. Studies have shown that by making smart clothing choices, you can stay comfortable in warmer weather. 

This not only translates to a more pleasant personal experience, but it also offers some surprising benefits. Here's how to dress smart and beat the humidity:

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1.    Fabric freedom: Ditch the heavy stuff! Choose loose-fitting, lightweight fabrics like cotton or silk. Unlike clingy knits, these breathe better, letting sweat evaporate and keeping you cooler.

2.    Dry faster, feel fresher: Sticky clothes are the enemy of comfort. Opt for quick-drying fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. Look for materials specifically advertised for this purpose. While they won’t eliminate humidity, they’ll dry faster than traditional fabrics.

3.    Lighten up your look: Dark colours absorb heat, so go light! Opt for white, tan, or khaki shirts, shorts, pants, and hats. These reflect sunlight, helping you stay cooler for longer.

4.    Sun smarts: Don’t forget the hat! Choose one with vents, a loose fit, and quick-drying material. Baseball caps offer some shade, but a wide-brimmed sun hat provides ultimate protection. If the sun isn’t out, skip the hat altogether for maximum airflow.

Bonus tip: A hydration pack makes it easy to sip water throughout the day, preventing dehydration and keeping you cool from the inside out.

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By following these simple tips, you can stay comfortable and stylish this summer, all while reducing your reliance on AC. Save money, stay cool, and look great – it’s a win-win!

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