How lifestyle plays an important role in balancing hormones and maintaining weight

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How lifestyle plays an important role in balancing hormones and maintaining weight
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This International Women’s Day, let’s delve into the incredible complexity of our body’s functioning and the secrets to sustainable weight management. Lifestyle plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining weight loss, but it’s essential to understand how our body works and the underlying causes of weight gain.

While some rare cases may involve medical conditions, for many, it’s the improper lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, environment, or poor cellular communication that leads to weight gain and all the chaos. Let’s learn about three hormones that are important for balancing our weight.

First, there’s Leptin, often referred to as the fullness hormone, which makes us feel satiated. When activated, we feel less hungry and, as a result, consume fewer calories, aiding in weight management.

Second, Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, increases our appetite. Overactivation of this hormone can lead to constant cravings and unnecessary calorie intake.

Then there’s Adiponectin, the hormone that helps burn fat when activated. While everyone possesses this hormone, it may not always be activated. A balanced lifestyle fosters proper communication between cells and helps maintain ideal hormonal levels.

However, bad lifestyle habits can cause weight gain, even if one exercises and eats right. Let’s look at functional food, lifestyle choices, and dietary practices that will help you activate adiponectin and burn fat efficiently.

Omega: This essential fat is found in fatty fish like salmon and in supplements. It helps burn fat and aids brain function.  Fiber: Aim for a diet rich in fiber, found in fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Fiber activates adiponectin and aids in digestion. 

Exercise: Regular physical activity, including yoga, swimming, Pilates, weight and strength training, promotes adiponectin release that helps in burning fat and building muscle. 

Sleep: All of the healing, repair, recovery, cleansing, hormonal balance, weight management, etc happens when we get a sound sleep. Adequate sleep is crucial, as poor sleep quality can affect hormonal balance, including adiponectin which can make us gain weight. 

How lifestyle plays an important role in balancing hormones and maintaining weight
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Turmeric: It has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. Incorporate this spice into your meals for its many health benefits, including activating adiponectin. 

Carbohydrates: Don’t avoid carbs entirely, but if you want to lose weight, it’s ok to go low on carbs. However, going low on carbohydrates without compensating with good fats and proteins can lead to hormonal imbalances. Good-quality carbohydrates are essential for the high energy needed to burn fat. However, consuming carbs early in the evening is ideal, and incorporating small portions in meals is crucial for sustainable fat loss.

How lifestyle plays an important role in balancing hormones and maintaining weight
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By empowering our bodies with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices, we can ensure our hormones work in our favour, promoting overall well-being and sustainable weight management. This International Women’s Day, let’s prioritise health for a brighter future.

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