Easy DIY recipe: Grilled Jumbo Gulf Prawns

Prawns get a good grilling in this indulgent yet healthy dish 

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  09th March 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th March 2018 06:00 AM

Grilled Jumbo Gulf Prawns

Chef Vikas Singh, Chef de Cuisine at Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, specialises in European and Italian cuisines. He is also known as the tapas expert and  for his healthy recipes. Ask him about his favourite dish and he is quick to say that it is the Jumbo Gulf Prawns. “The dish is significant because it brings out my way of looking at ingredients and the basic cooking principles. It is a local, traditional way of cooking, which uses simple ingredients and fresh produce,” he says. 
But considering Vikas’s expertise in whipping up healthy recipes, even this prawns dish comes with that advantage. “The idea of grilling is that it has a huge health benefit. Tiger prawns are very tender in nature. Therefore, grilling over high charcoal heat gives it flavour, and a charred aroma. In addition, because it is only lightly marinated, grilling brings out the natural flavour of prawns. The dish keeps the natural taste of seafood intact and pairs it with a healthy, smoky flavor,” explains the chef.

Grilled Jumbo Gulf Prawns

Prawn (8)               1000 gms
Butter            300 gms
Thyme             70 gms
Lemon           200 gms
Salt                      to taste
Pepper crushed         30 gms
Parsley                     60 gms
Garlic                       100 gms
Corn on the cob      1400 gms
Thyme             60 gms
Tomato                       600 gms
Yellow big chilli           100 gms 
Asparagus            600 gms
Onion                       100 gms
Butter                          200 gms
Arugula            900 gms
Pea shoot                   100 gms
Vinaigrette              90 ml
White wine            300 ml
Olive oil            200 ml

Clean the prawns. Marinate with thyme, lemon juice, pepper, garlic, olive oil salt and cook it on the charcoal grill
Cook Whole corn in flavored stock and milk till soft then smoke it and grill it by applying chilli butter
Marinate all the veggies with herb and olive oil and grill it on charcoal fire
Heat butter sauté onion add white wine reduce pour little stock and boil take it of from the flame and add cold butter, whisk till it reaches saucy consistency 
Plate the prawns with greens, grilled asparagus, tomato and chilli and aquaponics greens 
Finish & drizzle of EVOO and serve the sauce on side