Chennai Christmas special: This edible decoration by Leela Palace looks fab and is 'tree-mendously delicious'

And now you can make it at home!

Sonali Shenoy Published :  20th December 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th December 2019 06:00 AM

This edible Christmas decoration by Executive pastry chef Ranjith Kumar is definitely going to be a fun surprise at your dinner table. “It’s got all of the colours of the festive season,” says the chef as he give us a demo of how it comes together. Between a chocolate dome for the casing, and a no gelatin raspberry chocolate mouse on the inside — that is as light as a cloud, we are sold from the get-go!

Raspberry chocolate dome
Raspberry purée 200 gms | Dark chocolate 300 gms | Semi whipped whipping cream 250 gms | Dark chocolate tempered 200 gms (to make chocolate dome) | Red velvet spray (to spray the chocolate dome)

• Warm raspberry purée, pour it on top of chocolate.
• Allow for few minutes, mix well.
• Fold gently the semi whipping cream.
• Temper the chocolate and make chocolate shell using flexi mould.
• Assemble the dome and spray with red velvet spray. 

Roasted pumpkin ice cream 
Whole milk 200 gms | Fresh cream 200 gms | Castor sugar 120 grams | Ice cream stabilizer 2 gms | Liquid 
glucose 30 gms | Roasted pumpkin purée 100 gms

• Boil milk and cream.
• Mix egg yolks and castor sugar.
• Mix both and make custard and add the ice-cream stabilizer and liquid glucose.
• Add the roasted pumpkin purée and churn it in the ice cream machine.

Elements for plating and pops of colour!
• Raspberry compote
• Olive micro sponge
• Purple micro sponge
• Pecan crunch
• Fresh strawberry
• Spicy Chantilly | @brightasunshine