Mixologist Irfan Ahmed shares the tricks of concocting two refreshing summer cocktails

These two easy-breezy drinks will surely lift your spirits
Aamras Colada
Aamras Colada

Any summer affair is incomplete without the very summery, colourful and fruity cocktails. And we have got none other than the celebrated mixologist and bar consultant Irfan Ahmed for you to build your cocktail-making skills during the lockdown. Make these easy-breezy drinks to turn your summers cooler.


Glass: Tall Fancy Glass


White rum 45ml | Fresh Mango Pulp 120m(sweetened) | Plain yoghurt 60 ml | Coconut cream 60 ml | Cardamom powder 3 pinches or to taste | One tbsp honey (taste & adjust)

<em>Aamras Colada</em>
Aamras Colada


● Blend the above ingredients together for 30 seconds. ● Add six cubes of ice & stir for 20 seconds. ● strain and pour into a pre-chilled fancy glass.


Glass: Whisky or Old Fashioned glass


Bourbon Whiskey 60 ml | Freshly squeezed lime juice 30 ml | Cinnamon & Apple flavoured sugar syrup 20 ml | one egg white & a dash of Angostura bitters.

<em>Cinnamon Apple Sour</em>
Cinnamon Apple Sour

To make the cinnamon & apple syrup: Take 100 ml of apple juice, four pieces of roasted cinnamon sticks, 100 ml water & 75 gm of sugar. Boil on medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from heat cool and strain for use.


● In a cocktail shaker add the above ingredients and shake vigorously for 20 seconds till frothy. ● Add six cubes of ice and quickly shake again for 12 seconds, strain into a whisky glass over five cubes of ice. ● Garnish with a green apple fan.

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