Actor Shaheb Bhattacherjee shares the delectable recipe for Chingri Posto

The evergreen Bengali recipe can be had with steaming hot rice
Shaheb Bhattacherjee
Shaheb Bhattacherjee
Rannabanna, a popular culinary show featuring celebs on Star Jalsha has kickstarted a month-long food carnival featuring evergreen delicacies of Bengal. 
And here we have shared the recipe for the immortal Chingri Posto, an all-time favourite dish shared by actor Shaheb Bhattacherjee. Enjoy the dish with a serving of hot rice on a cold winter afternoon. You can also catch the show tomorrow on air.
<em>Chingri Posto</em>
Chingri Posto

Chingri Posto


500 gm peeled and cleaned mid-sized tiger prawns |2 chopped onions |2 chopped tomatoes | 1 tsp turmeric powder | 1 tsp chilli powder | 1tsp black cumin | 5 tsp poppy and green chilli paste | Salt and sugar to taste | Mustard oil as required


Mix the prawns with salt and turmeric powder and keep it for some time.

Heat up the oil in a pan

Put black cumin seeds in the oil

Add chopped onions and sauté them

Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and add the prawns

Keep on stirring

Add the poppy seed paste

Add water and mix the items and cover the food and let it boil

After the gravy thickens bring it down and let it cool

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