Recipes: Whip up these two dishes by Chef Manish Mehrotra on Republic Day  

These two sinful treats are healthy and delicious

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Spiced Almond Banana Jaggery Cake

If you ae planning to stay indoors and make this most of this public holiday then whip up something desi in the kitchen and strengthen the bond with your family. Try these two recipes by Chef Manish Mehrotra.  


Serves:  2 – 3 people

Ingredients                            Quantity

Full cream milk                      2 cups

Sugar                                       4 tbsp.

Saffron strands                      a pinch

Green cardamom powder   ½ tsp

Almond slivers                        ½ cup

Makhana (fox nuts)               1 cup

Ghee                                         2 tbsp


• Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, roast makhana and almond sliver till they are golden.

• Heat milk and saffron strands in a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to a boil; keep stirring the milk, so that it does not sticks at the bottom.

• Add the sugar to the milk, and mix well.

• Add the whole makhana to the milk. Add the almond slivers to the mixture.

• Keep cooking the mixture till the makhana becomes softs and milk thickens a bit.


Serves:  3 – 4 person

Ingredients                        Quantity

Butter, unsalted                1/2 cup

Jaggery powder                 1/2 cup cinnamon

Ground                                1 ½ tsp

Nutmeg, ground                1/4 tsp

Almonds, sliced                  1/2 cup

Sugar                                     3/4 cup

Eggs, large                            3 no

Orange zest                          2 tsp

Banana, ripped & mashed 1 1/4 cups

All-purpose flour                3 cups

Baking powder                   1 1/2 tsp

Baking soda                        1 tsp

Salt                                       1/2 tsp

Buttermilk                           2/3 cup


• Melt 1/4 cup of the butter. Pour 2 tablespoons of the melted butter into an 8-cup pan; brush the butter over pan sides and bottom. Mix together the jaggery, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almonds. Sprinkle bottom of pan with half the jaggery mixture; combine the remaining mixture with the remaining melted butter; set aside.

• In a large bowl, beat remaining 1/4 cup butter with granulated sugar until blended. Beat in eggs, 1 at a time, until blended. Beat in mashed banana.

• Mix all-purpose, baking powder, soda, and salt. Add to banana mixture along with the buttermilk; stir until well blended.

• Pour half the batter into prepared pan. Spoon remaining jaggery sugar mixture evenly over top; cover with remaining batter.

• Bake in a 180° oven until a long wood skewer inserted into the thickest part of the cake comes out clean, about 50 minutes. Cool the cake on a rack about 5 minutes, then invert cake onto a serving plate. Serve the cake warm or cool.