Game on! 5 fun activities to try out with your partner this Valentine’s Week

From dressing up to bowling to enjoying delicious food - these games have got it all!

author_img   |   Published :   |  14th February 2023 07:22 PM
Couple dancing

Couple dancing

Tired of cliched flowers and chocolates every Valentine’s Day? We have come up with fun games that you can play with your partner to rekindle the love you have for each other with some good ol’ friendly competition. The game consists of five rounds. Here’s how each round goes:

1. Bye pyjamas, hello brekkie

Whoever manages to wake up, shower, and change out of their pyjamas first wins this round. Cheating is certainly encouraged in this so feel free to turn off their alarm, steal their towel or do anything amusing you have in mind. As a reward, the winner of this round gets to eat the breakfast that they want (and deserve) by having their partner cook for them.

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2. Mix and Match

The game is just about to get interesting. Both partners would have to go to the closet of the other person and choose what they want the other partner to wear. You can make your partner pair a long skirt with a hoodie or style shorts with a kurta and puffer jacket. The rule here is simple: get creative, get crazy. Don’t forget to take photos and post them on social media to find out who wins this round! 

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3. Let’s get groovin’

If you or your partner have never tried out dancing, you can learn trending Instagram reel dance routines like the #Collide trend. It is perfectly alright if you do not know how to dance, it is all about having a good time with your loved one. You can use social media as your judge or be your own critique to find out who the winner of this round is. 

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4. Something’s cooking...

You can write down the names of different restaurants on chits of paper, fold them and put them inside a cup. To make this round even more fun, make sure the restaurants belong to different kinds of cuisines. Toss a coin and decide who gets to pick a chit and ultimately, becomes the winner of this round. 

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5. Roll to hit a goal

This game might sound simple in the beginning but it comes with a twist at the end. Pick out a bowling alley to go to and show off your bowling skills to your partner, wearing the same clothes that you both picked out for each other. The clothes you would be wearing might be an advantage or a disadvantage- so choose wisely during the second round. The winner gets a point!

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After the long day that you would have had, you would most definitely want to wind down. After a short nap, you can order food and eat it together while watching a movie you both like, having a conversation or simply sitting in comforting silence that only your partner can give you. End your Valentine’s Day by gorging on an ice cream sundae while watching a comfort movie!