WATCH: Kyaari, a calendar that grows into a garden

21Fools, a Mumbai-based product company sets an example for sustainability through their new calendars named Kyaari 

Rooted in Indian heritage and with nature in mind, 21 Fools a Mumbai-based product company has designed a calendar. Now what's unique about this you ask. The calendar will vanish below a thin layer of soil and grow into 12 different plants by the end of the year. They call it Kyaari - a calendar that grows into a garden. 

Watch the video here:

"We wanted to create something that hasn't been done before inside India," says Divyansha Asopa, Founder of 21 fools. The wooden frames around the photos have stories of their own. 21Fools travel to Rajasthan to get the wood from cupboards and vintage furniture that perhaps were passed down from generations. The paper used called BeejKapas, is made with seeds inside. After it's been used, instead of throwing away the paper it can be sown in the soil and it will grow into a plant. Each BeejKapas paper gives back to the environment. 

Now moving on to the designs; Each month gives out new designs from different aspects of India. From Kolkata to Delhi to Himachal, Kyaari is sustainability and creation at its finest.  

India says thank you initiative

21Fools in their new initiative makes thank boxes, ask people to buy it, th n they send it to soldiers on behalf of them. "Since last four years we have been able to send 50k+ thank you boxes to soldiers posted in the northern command," says Divyanshu. "We are trying to connect the people of India with their soldiers in a meaningful and tangible way. In return, we gifts soldiers write letters to us, send appreciation letter and bags of toffees."

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