Watch Sorabh Pant rant about everything under the sun 

Sorabh Pant gives us a peak into his new show ahead of a visit to Chennai, and why he ‘deserves a Nobel Prize’ 

Nishad Neelambaran Published :  28th April 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th April 2017 06:00 AM
Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant

Known for his bold digs at sensitive topics like religion and politics in India, Sorabh Pant is now among the A-listers of comedians. “I had no clue that this had a future. After almost 1,200 shows, now I feel I’m up to something,” says the comedian, who got started in 2008, opening  for Vir Das in the show Walking on Broken Das.

On what drew him to the stage, the Mumbai-based performer says, “It has always been about the crowd. I’m a big fan of positive, happy people. And you can’t get more positive than a bunch of people laughing.” Of course, the comedian in him cannot resist following up with, “I’m sure it validates some childhood urge for attention or whatever, or maybe I’m just an ego maniac and enjoy adulation from strangers. Even when I’m making fun of people — it’s silly and funny, and usually I want everyone in the crowd to go back happy. I’m really a wonderful human being. I should get a Nobel Prize.”

About Rant of Pant? “I’ll be basically ranting about everything under the sun. I’m going to begin with how much I love idli and filter coffee, and how they are the best things invented. I will also speak about Donald Trump, the Tamil Nadu CM issue, different bans in India, religion, the UP elections, Narendra Modi, population and pollution,” he offers, topping off with, “Then I will cover gay rights and 
how my father’s view on them is totally the right way to deal with it.” 

Sorabh, who finished scripting the 90-minute show in about two months, has also authored two published novels. When asked about his plans for the third book, the 35-year-old comedian says, “My third book will be out by August this year. It will be about history and mythology in the present day. The title is not yet finalised, we are in the final editing stages.”

On May 6 at Museum Theatre from 7 pm onwards. Tickets: Rs 500 per head. Details: