Yuvraj Singh: I have lived my life, dared my life and have inspired people

The cricketer launches YWC Fashion caps through Myntra, wants to make his cancer foundation self-sustainable

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  11th August 2017 07:17 PM   |   Published :   |  11th August 2017 07:17 PM


He is a survivor - both on and off-the-field. One of India's most loved cricketerYuvraj Singh's story about surviving cancer is inspiring. Yuvi, as he is fondly called, is living life larger than before. Apart from being a full-time sportsman, the cricketer is gradually moving towards entrepreneurship. 

He says, surviving cancer was one of the trigger points for him to start the YouWeCan initiative - a foundation established by him to fight cancer by spreading awareness about the fatal disease. As a next step, the cricketer started YWC (YouWeCan) Fashion through which he raises money to support his foundation. Though the apparel line was launched last year, Yuvi introduced a line of YWC Caps last week at the Myntra headquarters in Bengaluru. He talks to Indulge about his brand and future plans.

Why were you keen to launch a fashion line?
The only reason behind launching YWC Fashion was to support my foundation. I didn't have enough funds, we thought if we create a fashion brand, it hopefully can bring in the money required. 

You could've become a brand ambassador of another organisation that works with cancer patients, why did you want your own foundation?
I have lived my life, dared my life and have inspired people. People who go through cancer need somebody to inspire them to survive. I went through a terrible time. It wasn't an easy journey. You need the support of your family and friends, right doctors. I just felt, I needed to bring awareness about cancer. It's still a stigma and people don't talk about it. Once you are diagnosed, you hide it. There is little knowledge about cancer in rural areas. In cities many people don't have medical insurance and when they get diagnosed they are worried about the expenses. It was primarily these issues that led me to start my own foundation. The prime focus for us is to raise the money for treatment of adults and children.

You've also been investing a lot in the startup space.
Everybody has dreams. I think many people in the startup sector are looking to cash in on their dreams. I felt it's a great opportunity to partner with such people. 

But you may not always be successful in the startup sector.
I am careful when I invest. But I am not afraid of anything after having survived cancer. I think in life whatever has to happen will happen. If you don't take the risk, you will never know but I focus on minimal risks. 

You are among the senior cricketers now. How different is it?
I just have to work extra hours. Competing with younger people means I need to focus a lot more on my diet and exercises. I have to work much harder as I age, but we get better with experience.

What are your daily wardrobe essentials?
My cap, watch, phone, bracelet and my kada. I am usually in athleisure clothes. But basically, I am dressed from head-to-toe in YWC essentials.